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Sometimes you just know…you’re getting better…

Numbers?  I don’t need no stinkin’ numbers!  Well, sometimes you don’t.  Sure, measuring yourself with a tape measure or weighing yourself regularly is a good way to track your progress but they are a means to the end, or rather, they are validation of the means.

Or, perhaps, one could view those measurements as the chronicle of a tale told.

But…  the story itself plays out whether or not we record it.

Last week I spent a lot of time in front of my computer dealing with being unemployed.  This week there was less of that “desk stuff” and a lot more dancing in the studio.  Neither last week nor this week have I really been all that concerned about “keeping track” of my fitness levels-NOT a high priority!  This week so far I’ve….

  • Sunday — 2 hour couples practice
  • Monday — 2 hour couples practice
  • Tuesday — An hour private lesson with my coach followed by Line dance practice followed by 30 minutes of couples practice followed by an hour couples lesson followed by another hour of couples practice
  • Wed — an hour and a half of couples practice followed by an hour and a half of line dance practice

Which brings me to now. OMG!!!  Gurl let me tell ya…

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A peek into the life of a competitive dancer…

Polka Party Album Cover (CC)

I haven’t posted a lot here on my blog about dancing; most of my posts have been more focused on getting healthy.  So here’s a “dancing” post for your enjoyment.

A couple of days ago I sent an email to my dance partner.  We have a big dance competition coming up.  It is the Dallas Dance Festival and it is widely considered to be the largest UCWDC Country Western Competition Dance Event in the US other than the World Championships.  I know that a lot of dancers treat it as something of a “dress rehearsal” for Worlds.  Anyway, so much for the background, now back to the email.

I realized that we only had six practices left before the competition so I thought “Hey, I’d better do some thinking about what needs the most work and figure out a tentative ‘schedule’ and send it to my partner to see what she thinks”.  Create a “Game Plan” in other words.

She thought what I wrote was funny, printed it out and brought it to the dance studio to show the other dancers and our coaches.  Everyone was amused, and then one of the coaches said to my partner “That’s funny, he should start a blog.”  Well, since I already *have*a blog, and a couple other dancers also thought it was amusing, I thought I’d share it here with the dozen folks who are actually reading this blog.  Enjoy!

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