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Random thoughts from my Walk in the Park

I partook in the “activity that shall not be named…”

tired puppyYes, the evil e-word!

I’m really really tired at the moment so here is a very brief series of random thoughts about today’s walk.

  • Runkeeper does not work that well at tracking location when you don’t have “true GPS.”  It attempts to use the closest WiFi network and establish your location but …
  • According to RunKeeper I walked over 2 miles.  Yeh, RIGHT!  try more like 1/2 miles.  (see below)
  • I saw a dead snake.
  • I saw an empty water bottle that someone threw on the grass instead of the trashcan. I was too tired to bend over and pick it up so it is still there.
  • So is the dead snake.
  • I am TIRED.
  • I may have to have two rest days before my next walk.  Starting out at the BEGINNING I was waddling, limping, and moving slow.  The climb up the stairs to my apartment was NOT FUN AT ALL.

Walk in the park 2014-05-05_11-15-46

  • My feet are throbbing right now.  Literally throbbing.
  • My lower back is not too happy with me either.
  • My knees though don’t seem to be having any issues.
  • My legs are sore – very sore
  • There are some VERY cute guys in my neighborhood…  and no, I’m never too tired to notice a cute guy… if I don’t check out the guy, then check my pulse and breathing to make sure I’m still on this side of the pearly gates.
  • I met one of my neighbors.  She’s an OU fan.  Actually she married into an OU family.  His truck is red / Maroon.  Go figure.  (I was wearing my OU cap which is why the subject came up)
  • The lock on the pedestrian entrance in the security fence needs to be lubricated.  It is very stiff.  SNORT.  I said “lubricated” and “stiff” in the same sentence.  LOL
  • I need to get a duplicate key made (for the pedestrian gate door thingie)  The same key that opens that gate also unlocks the laundry room.  I don’t want to loose the laundry room key and have to ask mgmt for another.
  • Plus, since I have my house key on one key ring and the laundry key on another well I’m carrying two keyrings.  If I get the duplicate gate key made then I can add it to the duplicate/spare house key that has become my “carry it with me when I’m walking key”
  • I’m using my Club Bolo Key ring which is WAY COOL!   “Howdy de Texas mon Club Bolo amis de Montréal”
  • I really do live on the side of a friggin hill.  And the park is downhill from the apartment.  Ugh.
  • My back is twinging.  I think I need to take some tylenol or advil or something.. which one is better for muscles?  Yes, friends, walking just 1/2 mile did this.  I’m out of shape remember?


I …



Applause!  I demand accolades and Atta boys and flower petals threwn in my direction.  (Is “threwn” a word?)  My spell check doesn’t think so.. But I’m overruling it

Definitely need that Tylenol…

See ya on the dance floor . . .

. . . EVENTUALLY when my body can handle it, but IT will happen.

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