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Tony’s Tip No.8 — Do Life! not “exercise”!

Incorporate “movement” into your life…


Some of my “tips” are ones that I actually come up with myself.

Some of the “tips” I share here are ones that come to me from various “Health & Ftness motivational” lists that I’ve signed up with at Walgreens, WebMD, my health insurance company, a website called “RealAge” and a few others.

The tips come to me as tweets or emails.

I got this one a couple days ago. . .

Do at least one active lifestyle activity this week.  Try working in the yard, washing the car. Walking to do an errand or cleaning.

. . .and my reaction was:


Hey, I realize that Read the rest of this entry


Tony’s Tip No.6 — Count your steps

Simply “walking” is a good starting point!


Humans are built to walk.  As in on two legs, bipedal in an upright position.

It is, in fact, according to some National Geographic and Discovery Channel and NPR documentaries that I’ve watched recently the one of very things that makes us human and makes us a distinct species and different from our nearest cousins the Chimpanzee and the Bonobo.

So, when I got a text from one of the several “send me fitness tips” places about “walking and setting step goals” — I burst out laughing!  Literally!  LAUGHED – OUT – LOUD

AFTER I calmed down and wiped the tears from my eyes, I thought two things:

  1. These people need get out from behind their computer screens and look at the real world and…
  2. This would be a great “Tony’s Tip” post!

Here is the quote that set me off:

A good step goal is 10,000 steps per day.  For weight loss work up to 12,00-15,000 steps per day.

GWAUF!  BWHAhahahahahahaha  LOL! 

Yeh, right.  Folks, after reading that, NOT so helpful tip, I did a poor-man’s research study as in “Google search.”

Right at the top of the search results,  I found this tidbit from a column I trust, in the New York Times”:

“A person is typically considered sedentary if they take less than 5,000 steps per day.” The study also showed that American men, with an average daily step count of 5,340, are moving more than women, who averaged only 4,912 steps a day.”

And, no, I will NOT tell you what my step count is right now.  We’ll simply say that it is below 5,000 steps.  SIGH

SO… the idea of setting a goal of “10,000 steps, Sweet Baby Jesus Help Me, (Tonya, that was just for you – GRIN) OR worse, Read the rest of this entry

Random thoughts from my Walk in the Park

I partook in the “activity that shall not be named…”

tired puppyYes, the evil e-word!

I’m really really tired at the moment so here is a very brief series of random thoughts about today’s walk.

  • Runkeeper does not work that well at tracking location when you don’t have “true GPS.”  It attempts to use the closest WiFi network and establish your location but …
  • According to RunKeeper I walked over 2 miles.  Yeh, RIGHT!  try more like 1/2 miles.  (see below)
  • I saw a dead snake.
  • I saw an empty water bottle that someone threw on the grass instead of the trashcan. I was too tired to bend over and pick it up so it is still there.
  • So is the dead snake.
  • I am TIRED.
  • I may have to have two rest days before my next walk.  Starting out at the BEGINNING I was waddling, limping, and moving slow.  The climb up the stairs to my apartment was NOT FUN AT ALL.

Walk in the park 2014-05-05_11-15-46

  • My feet are throbbing right now.  Literally throbbing.
  • My lower back is not too happy with me either.
  • My knees though don’t seem to be having any issues.
  • My legs are sore – very sore
  • There are some VERY cute guys in my neighborhood…  and no, I’m never too tired to notice a cute guy… if I don’t check out the guy, then check my pulse and breathing to make sure I’m still on this side of the pearly gates.
  • I met one of my neighbors.  She’s an OU fan.  Actually she married into an OU family.  His truck is red / Maroon.  Go figure.  (I was wearing my OU cap which is why the subject came up)
  • The lock on the pedestrian entrance in the security fence needs to be lubricated.  It is very stiff.  SNORT.  I said “lubricated” and “stiff” in the same sentence.  LOL
  • I need to get a duplicate key made (for the pedestrian gate door thingie)  The same key that opens that gate also unlocks the laundry room.  I don’t want to loose the laundry room key and have to ask mgmt for another.
  • Plus, since I have my house key on one key ring and the laundry key on another well I’m carrying two keyrings.  If I get the duplicate gate key made then I can add it to the duplicate/spare house key that has become my “carry it with me when I’m walking key”
  • I’m using my Club Bolo Key ring which is WAY COOL!   “Howdy de Texas mon Club Bolo amis de Montréal”
  • I really do live on the side of a friggin hill.  And the park is downhill from the apartment.  Ugh.
  • My back is twinging.  I think I need to take some tylenol or advil or something.. which one is better for muscles?  Yes, friends, walking just 1/2 mile did this.  I’m out of shape remember?


I …



Applause!  I demand accolades and Atta boys and flower petals threwn in my direction.  (Is “threwn” a word?)  My spell check doesn’t think so.. But I’m overruling it

Definitely need that Tylenol…

See ya on the dance floor . . .

. . . EVENTUALLY when my body can handle it, but IT will happen.

I am *NOT* going to exercise . . .

. . . I’m going to have fun!


I do not like to exercise.

Actually that probably puts me in the middle of the majority of the world’s population.


there are things that I like to do, that I actually ENJOY, that COULD be called exercising.

Huh?  I hear the teeming masses cry out in confusion?

Ah, dear readers, intrepid blog followers and the two second cuzins on my mom’s side who were forced to subscribe to my blog, well, let me elaborate.

You knowI like elaborating…  giggle

Exercise – Defined – by the “book” as it were…

1.  : regular or repeated use of a faculty or bodily organ


Special note…  For all the guys reading this…  YES, my mind immediately thought of THAT too!  But somehow, I don’t think the repeated and frequent use of THAT particular organ counts… something about not lasting long enough…  But hey if it works for ya… who am I to stand in the way…

So… seeking something more than a mere definition, I “googled” and found … these three articles out on the Interwebz:

Which seems to indicate that ANY movement is better than NO movement! Indeed, way back in the day we actually didn’t need a special category of movement called “Exercise” because ALL movement was exercise.

You could, if you have oodles of time, read those BORING, articles but why bother when I can ‘splain thangs way better:

Tony’s Definition of Exercise

It is “EXERCISE” . . .

Read the rest of this entry

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