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Driveshaft Drama: “Getting Healthy Requires a Budget”

Truck is a gonner ©2011Something is clunking in my truck.  CLANKing even.  *SIGH*  This is not a good thing.

The health of my truck affects everything, even my health!  I have to have a vehicle to drive the 44 mile round trip to and from work or else I don’t have a job!  If I don’t have a job, I’m on the streets.

And let me tell ya, those street people don’t look too healthy!  And we won’t even THINK about what all this will do to my budget and how it will affect my ability to dance and compete!  Eeeeeeeeekkkk  Urrrrrrkkkk  Ugh!

So, sit back, or lean forward, your choice, and enjoy my tale of woe and angst while I use the process of telling you about my tale of woe and angst as a way to get my thoughts in order and come to a decision about “OMG What am I going to do??????!!!!!!”

But I digress…  😉  Back to the clunking and clanking…

Saturday, yesterday, at lunch I went out to my truck, got in, turned the key and *CLICK*.  Nada, nothing, not a chirp, not a peek.  Not a single erg of power.   Not good.

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