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Today is a “Scary Day” and the importance of doing a single solitary “thing”

Brace yerself…!  What I want… …and why is it a “Scary Day”…

Brace yerself…

…because I’m about to free associate and just let the thoughts poor out onto the page.  That means, friends, neighbors, fellow dancers, that you are about to get a peek into Tony’s brain.   Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!!!!!  Or you may laugh so hard that there will be tears leaking outta yer eyes…

But either way, this post is going to be somewhat disjointed.  And weird.  And well.. just keep reading.  🙂

And pay no attention to the typos… ..or the grammar or lack thereof… …they just add character.  😉

What I want…

LOL kitty RX…is for lots of you to send me emails, comments, likes that all add up to “You can do this Tony!  I believe in you!”

Yes, that is a blatant appeal for support, mostly emotional, seriously that kind of stuff means a LOT…

…but if you feel so inclined, buy something from my store or hit that donate button over to the right.  No one ever has donated, but I keep hoping.  *sigh*

Seriously, this month is the toughest financially that I’ve had in a long time.  Lots of out of the blue expenses have made it hard to make ends meet.

Why is it a “Scary Day”?

Well this is where that free association thing is gonna start.  Because I know I can be wordy…

*GASP* OK, ok, the thunderous shock of in-drawn breath from you, my faithful readers, was NOT necessary!  😉

Now, where was I?

Oh, yes….

…it is a scary day because today is Saturday and that means…

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“As the Boots Turn” #3: An Episode of Road Rage (almost)

Traffic Cat is not amused (CC)[cue the music, roll the opening credits, cue the announcer]

We join our intrepid hero as he is headed to dance practice.  He approaches his trusty stead, a new Toyota Tacoma named “Tonks” on which he has only made three payments.

Smiling in anticipation of the drive, he carefully buckles up, adjusts the mirrors, looks behind and on both sides before backing out of the parking space, at the edge of the lot of course…we don’t want Tonks to get scratched up!

Approaching the exit to the parking lot, he slows, carefully looks both ways, and shifts into second, thus venturing out into the badlands… …otherwise known as the byways and highways of Dallas/Fort Worth.  (Roads, streets and freeways for those who haven’t had coffee yet and didn’t catch the literary allusion!) 😉

Once out of the parking lot and onto the road he immediately encounters that orneriest of the ornery, the meanest of the mean, the rudest of the rude, the Scourge of the South, the nastiest critter in all of the West… a careless, distracted, self-obsessed driver, whereupon we hear our beleaguered hero declaim:

Oh no she did-uhnt!”

Thus with a shake of his head and a well-timed Quadruple *SNAP* in Z formation, our intrepid hero begins his journey across town…. …only time will tell if he succumbs to base emotions and flips someone the bird along the way.

When Did Inconsiderate Driving Become Routine?!!!!

The Bird (CC)I’ve noticed a strange thing on the roads over the past couple of years.  People are becoming routinely rude, inconsiderate and self-obsessed.  Not everyone, of course; one must be careful with generalizations –there are still a range of drivers with behaviors running the gamut from steering wheel gripping beasts in the midst of a road rage episode to those who are friendly, courteous and law-abiding.  But on the whole, the percentage of rude inconsiderate nuts on the road is definitely increasing.  The ratio is shifting and not in a good direction.  For those seeking real research and “just the facts” skip down to the Related Links and Articles section at the bottom of the post.

The rest of you who want some drama along with a chuckle or two, keep reading…

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“As the Boots Turn” #2, Sleep, Stress, and Number Two

Cat - Cowboy 04 (CC)[cue the intro music, roll the opening credits, cue the voice over]

At the end of yesterday’s episode,  the hero of our tale had just paid a visit to the local watering hole.  Feeling refreshed and generously buying a beer for the fella at the end of the bar, he left and headed off to deal with Number Two.

[cut the dramatic music with a screeching crashing sound effect; zoom in close on the  face of our hero as he rides his trusty steed… …Uhmmm… drives his Toyota Tacoma about the streets of Dallas Texas]

“It is “Number two on the LIST! you idiot!  Cut!  Can someone get the voice over guy a script!?!?   Maybe he can learn his lines before the next take?!?!   Sheesh.  Ok, everybody back to their start positions!  Quickly, quickly, we’re losing the light and we’re over budget!”

Doth quoth our hero and director and screen writer!  🙂

Those who missed yesterday’s episode of “As the Boots Turn”  and who want to catch up on the action so far, can find it here: A Disaster or an Opportunity? Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Resting, Sleeping, and Repairing the damage…

When my life changed so dramatically and I was no longer going into work five days a week, the thing that hit me like a smack in the face, was just how tired I was.  We’re not talking “oh, I’m feeling a little peaked.”   We’re talking a… Read the rest of this entry

“As the Boots Turn” #1, A Disaster or Opportunity? Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Pekers Bird ©There is this little neighborhood bar where I used to go occasionally.   On my way home from work, usually on Friday, I’d stop off for one or two beers and play TriPeaks on the bar-top video game machine.  It was a good way to unwind just a little, especially when the week had been very stressful.

Pekers is one of those places where the bartenders know all the customers by name, generally waving and greeting you when you come through the door, and they have your drink ready by the time you get to a bar stool.  The customers all know one another too, and it is not unusual for folks to give one another rides home just to make sure they get home safe when they’ve had a few too many.  Even if you are like me and only go in there once or twice a month, you eventually become a “regular” and  everyone knows your name.   Hmmm.. Why do I suddenly feel as if I’m a character in a Garth Brooks song? 😉   ♬♫♪♩ I’ve got friends in low places… ♩♪♫♬

The day I lost my job, I did what many of us would do when we needed to sit and think, I went to my local watering hole and I had a beer.  My inner domestic diva was trying to sway me toward going to a park and consuming three or four pints of Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk, but the beer won out.  😉

So, I walk in, Read the rest of this entry

I lost my job…and turned into a bear…kinda, sorta

I am now a statistic: I’m Unemployed.

Eleven days ago, I lost my job.  And being unemployed affects everything including one’s health.  Those eleven days have been a flurry of activity doing all the things that one does when one looses their job:

  • Applied for unemployment benefits — I don’t know yet whether I’ll get them.  When I log onto the Texas Workforce Commission’s website the status still says “TWC is reviewing your claim to determine if we can pay you benefits. If we need additional information, we will contact you.”  *sigh*
    Not knowing whether or not I’ll get any unemployment benefit checks, I assumed “worst case scenario” — that I won’t and started making plans:
  • Pre-paid as many bills as possible.  — There are certain things that I’ll have to have if the worst happens I’m going to be out of work for  a while:  medications, rent on storage unit, cell phone, internet connection, car insurance...
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