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I lost my job…and turned into a bear…kinda, sorta

I am now a statistic: I’m Unemployed.

Eleven days ago, I lost my job.  And being unemployed affects everything including one’s health.  Those eleven days have been a flurry of activity doing all the things that one does when one looses their job:

  • Applied for unemployment benefits — I don’t know yet whether I’ll get them.  When I log onto the Texas Workforce Commission’s website the status still says “TWC is reviewing your claim to determine if we can pay you benefits. If we need additional information, we will contact you.”  *sigh*
    Not knowing whether or not I’ll get any unemployment benefit checks, I assumed “worst case scenario” — that I won’t and started making plans:
  • Pre-paid as many bills as possible.  — There are certain things that I’ll have to have if the worst happens I’m going to be out of work for  a while:  medications, rent on storage unit, cell phone, internet connection, car insurance...
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