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Tony’s Tip No.6 — Count your steps

Simply “walking” is a good starting point!


Humans are built to walk.  As in on two legs, bipedal in an upright position.

It is, in fact, according to some National Geographic and Discovery Channel and NPR documentaries that I’ve watched recently the one of very things that makes us human and makes us a distinct species and different from our nearest cousins the Chimpanzee and the Bonobo.

So, when I got a text from one of the several “send me fitness tips” places about “walking and setting step goals” — I burst out laughing!  Literally!  LAUGHED – OUT – LOUD

AFTER I calmed down and wiped the tears from my eyes, I thought two things:

  1. These people need get out from behind their computer screens and look at the real world and…
  2. This would be a great “Tony’s Tip” post!

Here is the quote that set me off:

A good step goal is 10,000 steps per day.  For weight loss work up to 12,00-15,000 steps per day.

GWAUF!  BWHAhahahahahahaha  LOL! 

Yeh, right.  Folks, after reading that, NOT so helpful tip, I did a poor-man’s research study as in “Google search.”

Right at the top of the search results,  I found this tidbit from a column I trust, in the New York Times”:

“A person is typically considered sedentary if they take less than 5,000 steps per day.” The study also showed that American men, with an average daily step count of 5,340, are moving more than women, who averaged only 4,912 steps a day.”

And, no, I will NOT tell you what my step count is right now.  We’ll simply say that it is below 5,000 steps.  SIGH

SO… the idea of setting a goal of “10,000 steps, Sweet Baby Jesus Help Me, (Tonya, that was just for you – GRIN) OR worse, Read the rest of this entry

Tony’s Take on: Singer 96-Inch Extra Long Tape Measure

Series Introduction

Since this is the first time I’ve done this, I guess an introduction is in order. When I do a review of a product it will be part review, part tips & tricks, and a dash of my usual, well, uhmmm… drama.

Ok, there. I admitted it. I tend to do “drama” even “drama” isn’t really necessary. But on the other hand. Life without “drama” would be SO boring… ;-) And I’m good for a couple laughs when I’m being dramatic… ;-)

Nonetheless, my intent is to keep the drama to a minimum and keep these reviews fairly short and to the point, or at the very least, relevant to the topic at hand. Enjoy!

Keeping it Simple – Sometimes Simple IS Best

Singer 96-inch extra long tape measureTask:

Pretty much every exercise and fitness guru on the planet says that keeping track of your progress is a good idea. You can track many things like weight or body fat, but one of the easiest, the simplest, and the best, is to just measure the inches on your body:

  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Hips

You add up these three numbers and that gives you your “Total Inches.” As you get healthier and fitter those “inches” will probably shrink. So when you see ads saying “I lost a bee-jillion inches using XYZ Miracle Diet Product,” the grand total of those three measuring points in the “inches” they are talking about.

Using a tape measure and piece of paper is a good way to keep track of your progress AND it is a very LOW COST way to do so.


I wanted to measure my body. So I grab measuring tape that I had in my sewing kit (minor repairs only – not make a new outfit kind of sewing). I whip it out and go to use it only to discover that it was… GASP …too friggin’ short. Embarrassing I know. So I needed a longer one.


Buy a longer measuring tape.

Research I did:

GoogleBefore checking, I didn’t even know if they MADE a longer fabric measuring tape. I knew that home depot had longer “carpentry” kinds but I hadn’t a clue if the “fabric store” kind came in different lengths. I discovered that indeed they do.

I also did a Google search to see if there was a “better way” to measure one’s wealth of inches than by grabbing “ye ole tape measure.” After all a plain old tape measure seems so low tech.

Basically what I found is that there are, indeed, a multitude of, ahem, more advanced techno-whatsists and gizmos, but after reading the various reviews, and taking a hard look at the descriptions I found online, then comparing them against each other, it just didn’t seem worth the extra cost or the extra bother.

The garden variety tape measure (of a longer length) seemed to be the best solution in terms of “ease of use” and in terms of “value for the money.”

Review / Comments / Rating on:

Singer 96-Inch Extra Long Tape Measure

How to measure your bodyUhmmm, it’s a tape measure, what’s to review? Ok, ok. — I bought this to use to wrap around my body, not to measure fabric.. So, with that purpose in mind:

  • It is sturdy
  • It is cheap – I paid $4.25 for mine.
  • It looks and feels as if the tape measure is fabric coated with plastic. — Who knows what it is really made of, but the important bit is that it feels nice to the touch both to fingers and the skin in various body regions.
  • Numbers on the inches side are very easy to read — large, and black ink on yellow background. The picture of the product in the package up at the top of this post, shows the numbers in a sans-serif font. The one that arrived in my mail box had a serif font. Didn’t really matter to me. Both are very readable. FYI … the numbers on the CM side are smaller. Not an issue for me because I’m using the “inches” not the “centimeters”
  • It’s got inches on one side and centimeters on the other. — I use the inches side even though it means I have to use a little math conversion utility to enter the numbers into my spreadsheet.
  • The inches side are divided into eighths of an inch. — What I’d REALLY like to see on tape measure used to measure one’s body, is to have the companies that make it, divide an inch into ten parts so that I wouldn’t have do any math, but maybe I’m nuts on that one…
  • Each end of the tape measure has this very solid metal doohickey that keeps the tape from becoming frayed on the end. There is a hole in each of the doohickeys, so if you wanted to I guess you could hang it on a hook or something. Who knows why the hole is really there. I don’t use it for anything. I just thought I’d mention it to show you how thorough I’m being.

All in all I give it 4.5 stars as a method of “measuring my very ample body”

4.5 stars from TxCowboyDancer

Why not 5 Stars?

The only negative thing I have to say is that the Read the rest of this entry

Tony’s Tip No.5 — Change your age on your Birthday…

…If you use a Body Fat Monitor


My birthday was on July 25th (anyone want to send me a birthday present? – GRIN)

Anyway, just a few minutes ago, I realized that I had not updated my age in the two “body fat monitors” I use:

Both of these devices require you to input your age in order to accurately calculate your body fat.  So, “remind” yourself to change those numbers when you celebrate your birthday.

And your birthday is a good day to remember to change out the batteries in your smoke alarms in your home too!  Woot!

See ya on the dance floor!

Further Reading:

OMG! No they did-UNT!


From Perception (Season 1, episode 8)

From Perception (Season 1, episode 8)

Ok, this is a pet peeve and I’m about to RANT just to get off my chest so I can move on….

<<<<< SCRAPE >>>>>  (sound of the soapbox being put into place…

I’ve been watching season 1 of Perception (TNT / TBS) and I’ve been enjoying every bit of it.

Good acting.  Simple plots which is what I’m in the mood for right now.  The main actor is cute.  Very cute. It’s an exercise in Fluff – Popcorn – light entertainment – generally fun stuff.  So…

I know it is entertainment… BUT… AAAAArrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but when a plot pivots on LOOKING UP SOMEONE’S LIBRARY PRIVATE LIBRARY RECORD online like you were Googling to get the number of the local pizza joint..

That’s just STUPIDITY on the part of the writers.


Librarians do NOT display who has a book checked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Learn it!  Memorize it!  Spread the Word!

No way,

No how!

Ok, class, does anyone remember a little period in American History called Read the rest of this entry

Tony’s Tip No.4 — Be a “sole” mate!

Go Walking with a Friend / Partner


I subscribe to a couple of online sites that send me short “tips” on health and fitness via email and/or text messages.

This one came in via text message from “Health Tips” on the Walgreens website:

Be a “sole” mate. A study found that people are 76% more likely to stay on a walking program if someone else is counting on them.

I can vouch for this one.  Not for a “walking” program but for dancing.  I am embarrassed to confess when I was doing line, Teams, and couples all at the same time that the line dance practices were the ones that I was most likely to ahem skip out on.

Because it was just me.  But if I had to pick up the phone and cancel on someone then I was waaaaaaaaaaaay less likely to do that.  The social commitment of having made an appointment to meet with someone or a group of someones kept me going to the practices.

See ya on the dance floor!

Further Reading:


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