It’s Been a while… and do you work on trucks?


I need a mobile mechanic (shade-tree, backyard variety of car fixing up guy or gal).

mechanic-kittyI am finally selling my Mazda B3000 (more on that later) Before I sell it there are two things I would like to take off my “old truck” (the Mazda” and install on my “new truck” the Toyota Tacoma.

The two things are: (1) a set of chrome bed rails and (2) the security alarm.

Those who know me well know that I’m living right now on a VERY SMALL monthly pension so I can’t pay a lot to have this done (think payment in terms of a six pack of beer & a pizza).

So if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and you are willing to come to my parking lot (where the truck is parked) and do this for me let me know. Your pizza awaits!

See ya on the dance floor!

P.S.  If you do NOT live in the DFW area then I hope that the photo of the Mechanic Kitty to the right at least got you to smile.


Buyer Beware! or… “Why isn’t anything ever easy?”

Ok… all together now…

Snake Oil SalesmanSiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh

There.  Feel better?  I do.  Why can’t companies just leave their products alone when there is nothing wrong with them?  Hmmmm?

Why do they have to go and fiddle with it when it ain’t broke?  Hmmmm?

Why?   SIGH

Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck

I know, it’s an old joke but there is an element of truth in it.  I used to shop at Whole Foods for just about everything back when I was working 40 hours a week as a librarian.

But now, living on a fixed income plus whatever bits and scrapings I can pull in from doing surveys, and micro-tasking and, selling my designs and writing and…

Whole Foods Stevia ExtractWell, you get the idea.  I can’ afford to shop at Whole Foods.

However… there was one thing that I’ve been going to Whole foods to get once a month: Stevia Extract, the 365 Brand which is Whole Foods “store brand.”

I’d never really looked at the ingredients label closely but this week I did and I was shocked: Read the rest of this entry

What was your “turning point?”

I have a question for you guys…

I know that usually I carry on at great (and hopefully entertaining lengths) and the topic is generally, well “moi”

But today’s post is going to be a bit different…  Right below is this awesome blank spot where you can leave comments on a post, this post.   I’d like to hear from you folks out there and the question is:

What was your “turning point?”

What was it that made you move toward a healthier you?  What “flipped the switch” for you?

The floor is now yours:


I Wish I Could Stop


Depression (CC)I’m sharing this post because, well, it hits very close to home for me.

I’ve been following David’s blog for a while now and I’ve admired how he’s managed to succeed and do what I’m trying to do. I never new until this post that he too suffers from bouts of depression.

Right now, I’m in the midst of one of those bouts myself. Think “Le Brea Tar Pits” and you kinda get the idea about where I’m at right now.

When this appeared in my inbox today, I don’t know what made me click on it. There’s nothing in the title that would lead me to think that the article speaks to being depressed and the never ending battle of fighting for fitness and NOT being depressed… …but click on it I did.

I’m so glad I did. It is nice to know I’m not alone. And that success is possible. And that even when you’ve “made it” that you’ll always have to “keep” making it.

Bravo David! And thank you. I’m not in the fight alone. Knowing that means a lot. Especially now.

And if Uhmmm… someone could maybe throw me a rope…  the tar is kinda up to my nose and if you’d tell me how to get this tar out of my clothes, I’d appreciate it.

Originally posted on Keep It Up, David!:

Isn’t depression the best? I was first diagnosed with major depressive disorder after a scary hospitalization when I was a teenager, and depression has been a visitor that I suspect will come  a-knockin’ every so often for the rest of my life.

Depression has been a recent house guest. I’m getting over a funk that I’ve been in for the past couple weeks. It might be some post-holiday blues, perhaps, and it could be related to the bruised or cracked rib that I’ve been healing from. Whatever the cause, it held on to me for a good solid two weeks, and it planted a thought in my head that got stuck there. I kept on thinking these five words over and over again, like a song you can’t shake:

View original 1,111 more words

Test Post #2of 2 (SomZing iz brokes! I fixxes it-maybees)

If you did open this instead of deleting it…

Kitten in a cast (CC)TEST Post #2 — last one I promisezes!

Everybody all together…  look at the kitty in a cast…


I am trouble shooting something and the only way to do that is to actually do a “new post” and send it out to everyone.

Sorry about that!  This is the first of two “test posts” that I need to do — kind of a before and after thing.  I’m sending this one out with my “current” settings”

And then I’ll switch to the “test” settings and see if the problem got fixed….

Thanks for understanding!

See ya on the dance floor!

There is some gobbledy gook stuff after this “more” tag… just to fill up the space for the purpose of the test

Read the rest of this entry


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