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Best Laid Plans . . .

Sometimes you have to make adjustments:


My game plan from Saturday, which somehow I thought was Sunday was:

Monday – Go to Braums to do some grocery shoping & do 1 basket of laundry

Tue – Go for a walk in the park.

Well, friends, neighbors and the odd cuzzin or two…

Plan “B”

Sunday – Realize it wasn’t Monday and go get groceries

Monday – Pretty much a rest day – a few od things around the house that didn’t qualify as “exercise”

Tuesday – Laundry – 3 loads, two baskets.

Tomorrow – Wed, another rest day.

Yes, I know.  Sad, that regular mundane things count as exercise  — Ooops!  I meant to say:   “the activity that shall not be named!

can-i-get-an-amen-kittyBUT on the other hand….

I’m moving!  Woot!

I’m challenging my body to build itself back up.

I’m not giving up.  Uh-huh!  Uh-huh! Uh-huh!  (doing happy dance while typing which is in itself pretty phenomenal!


See ya on the dance floor!  (eventually)


Exercise – Rest – Exercise

Yes, I used the “E” word…  Eeeeeekkkk!

I know that I have declared publicly that I am NOT going to Exercise however, for this post I need to use the e-word  for the sake of clarity.

To recap:  “Exercise” is any activity which produces a physiological effect that causes your heart rate to increase for a set period of time and causes your respiratory system to speed up.

In “Plane Anglish” = IF your heart is racing and you are breathing heavy, then it is exercise.

So to “exercise” you do not have to “go to the gym” you just have to “do the laundry,” or “mow the yard” or” go get groceries” or enjoy a “walk in the park”

The key is . . .

That your heart rate has to speed up and your breathing has to increase long enough for your body to say “uhmmm wow, this dude is serious about this.”

Your body is lazy.  It does not want to work.  And face it, anything that gets your heart going and chest heaving is WORK!

The “work” may be climbing the stairs at a baseball park to enjoy a great afternoon watching the Cardinals, but climbing those stairs still counts as WORK even if it is in the pursuit of fun!

It may involve rolling around on the floor playing with a passel of puppies, but when you get up, if your heart has speeded up and your breath is starting to make noises like an old-time steam engine then that is work!  Even if it is FUN work.

For those of us in truly abysmal shape . . .

Out of Shape. . . like “Moí”

Just getting up from my computer and sorting the laundry leaves me huffing and puffing and making sounds like the proverbial big bad wolf.

Sad, but true.

The POINT, friends, neighbors, dearest readers, and the odd cuzin or two…  It does NOT MATTER WHAT YOU DO AS LONG AS YOU DO SOMETHING!

For those of us who are either starting for the first time or climbing back on the “exercise wagon” after falling off, well a little goes a looooooooooooooooooong way!

Rest after exercising . . .

What really goes on in your body when you start an exercise program.

Just so you know, this information that I’m telling you can be verified from numerous reputable sources, but I’m saving you a lot of time reading…  grin …by providing a much more entertaining version of what’s going on… Read the rest of this entry

The “Reboot” continues… (Part 3 of 3)

If you are jumping into this series in the middle, things will make a lot more sense if you go back and read the entries from the beginning of this month:

or if you like to play it fast and loose, here is the brief “update” to kinda sorta bring you up to speed:

[ Cue the deep voiced dude who does the voice-over . . . ]

Game of FitnessPreviously on the “Game of Fitness…” 

Our intrepid adventurer had begun a reboot of his journey to health and fitness:

  • He went for a walk in the park on day one
  • He rested and prepared for an upcoming visit to the doctor’s office on day two
  • On day three he went for a walk in the park
  • On day four he visited the doctor for the first time in almost 3 years

Then, oh fair readers, oh WOE!  WAIL!  Weeep!  Witness the tragedy that unfolded next . . .

Our intrepid adventurer was LAID LOW by the vileest of deviltry!  He pulled a  muscle that made it difficult to do just about anything, even sitting was painful!

Performing “the activity that shall not be named…” was but an impossible dream!

But fear not, time has passed and healed our hero’s wound.

Today marks a new beginning, a return to the path of light and enlightenment…  Our hero will triumph!  Our hero will prevail!  Our hero will . . .

Ok, ok, enough with the voice over dude already!   You have to forgive him, folks, he doesn’t get out much.  :-)

The good news!

The good news Read the rest of this entry

The moral of this story… START SLOW!


nawt fairA week ago I went on my first walk of my new fitness effort

Two days later on Monday, I went on the second walk

The next day I went to the doctors office for a checkup and to get my prescriptions renewed.

Wednesday, I could barely walk.

Thursday, I could barely walk

Friday, I could barely walk

And today, yeppers you guessed it, I can barely walk.

Walk? I can barely sit.

At the doctors office I think I pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen sitting up from lying down on the exam table.



There is nothing for it but to let the muscle rest and repair itself.

The thing that really stinks about this is that the “injury” came when I wasn’t being careful.  On my two walks I was “aware” of my poor fitness level and I was very careful to not push too hard.

BUT in the doctor’s office I just sat up too quickly and put too much stress on the muscle.  (Yes, I’m THAT out of shape).  Hopefully things will be better by Monday and I’ll be able to continue walking.

If it isn’t I’m going to call the doctor and make an appointment to make sure that it really just is a muscle pull and not something more serious.



The moral of this story… when you are VERY out of shape, every movement should be carefully planned and considered.  Do not overexert yourself by going too fast too soon or you’ll risk injury.  And when you are as out of shape as I am at this moment, even “routine” movements need to be treated as exercise and approached with the appropriate respect.

See ya on the dance floor (eventually)


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