Day before the First Day: Starting the Jenny Craig Program

Today is Sunday and tomorrow, Monday, is the first day of my latest, and hopefully last, effort to loose weight and get down to a healthy weight and body fat percentage.

  • My final goal:  190 lbs / 10% body fat
  • Current: 268.25 lbs / 41.75% body fat
  • Lost to date: 6.75 lbs / 1.25 % body fat
Tanita TBF-531 Body Fat Monitor-Scale

Tanita TBF-531 Body Fat Monitor/Scale

Fat Loss Monitor (HBF-306) by Omron-TM

Omron Fat Loss Monitor HBF-306

I measure my body fat using two devices and then I average the two figures  The Omron Fat Loss Monitor HBF-306 and the Tanita scale, model 531 (which I don’t think they make any longer)

I joined Jenny Craig.  I’ve been saying for quite a while now that I wish someone would just (a) tell me what to eat and (2) cook it for me.  With my schedule,  I really do not have time to do a lot of cooking or food prep.  With Jenny Craig, the menu is selected for me and all the food comes in individual packages that have the right proportions.  All I have to do is buy fresh fruits and canned veggies and add those to the menu.

What prompted me to “take the leap” and investigate Jenny Craig was seeing a friend who is on the program.  She’s lost a lot of weight and she looks great.  I talked to her a while and discovered that the amount of money she spends on food from JC is almost exactly what I now spend between groceries and eating out.  So, what have I got to loose except the weight?  Nothing, the way I figure it.

So, here’s to the new me.  I plan on tracking my progress here on this blog.  “Things to do” today:  (1) clean out the pantry, and take the food there to the food bank.  (2) Go grocery shopping for fresh fruits and veggies.

Stay tuned…


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