My Progress So Far and “Focusing on the Positive”

Setting the stage…

255495_10151087373259886_835419023_nOn June 1st, I kicked off a renewed effort to get in shape and loose weight because my body was (and is) literally hurting when I do simple routine things around the house.

And let me tell you friends, neighbors and the two people who are actually reading this blog, that when shaving, showering, and putting on your  clothes and shoes makes you grunt and wheeze and get out of breath, then it is time to do something.

Another indicator is all the drivers for your local Domino Pizza joint have your gate code memorized and the counter staff know you by first name when you drop in to get a Pick Up order.  *sigh*

We won’t even talk about the weight induced knee injury back in Jan which still bugs me from time to time.   *SIGH*

Let’s Hear it for the Boy!  / Week in Review

Last Monday I set out my goals for the week.  Let’s see how I did:

  • scale-tape-measureWeigh in daily
    • — Yeppers, I mostly got this one.  I missed one day, but the rest I did.
  • No diet coke.  None.  Zip.  Nada.
    • — Yeppers!!  I want a BIG round of applause please!!!!!!  I did not HAVE A SINGLE SOLITARY DIET COKE ALL WEEK!!!!!!!! Not a single diet coke.
  • Iced Tea (CC)Switch to green tea in the evenings / limit of 3 cups coffee in the AM
    • — Yeppers, I did this.  I actually bought some lemon and ginseng Lipton Tea bags, intending to brew my own and sweeten it with Stevia, but… the Arizona Diet Ginseng Green Tea jugs were on sale and I grabbed four of them at the same time.  I’ve not gone through all the Arizona Tea yet.  When I do, then I’ll try my hand at brewing my own tea at home, which will be cheaper than buying it pre-made and I’ll feel better about doing my bit for the planet by not throwing away those big plastic jugs the tea comes in.  It should also be noted that I didn’t drink as much coffee in the mornings as I’m allowing myself.  I normally drink three mugs of coffee in the AM but some mornings this past week I only drank two and on one morning I only drank one.
  • Fast Food in AmericaNo fast food.  If I don’t fix and eat it at home, it isn’t on the menu.
    • — Yeppers, well, maybe kinda sorta.  It depends on how you define “Fast Food”  Yes, I did stop at Sonic twice during the week because of rehearsal schedules made logistics difficult.  But when I stopped at Sonic, I got the grilled Chicken breast with extra veggies (lettuce and tomato) and mustard instead of mayo.  Someone near and dear pointed out to me that “one slice” doesn’t really count as “extra”  — au contraire — when you’ve not been eating hardly any veggies at all and you’ve been eating a LOT of take out (see the aforementioned relationship with the Domino Pizza joint staff) then adding even another slice of tomato and some more lettuce more does indeed count as “extra.”  When you are starting at zero, then one more counts as “extra.”And I did eat out at a restaurant once, at Good Eats, but I made reasonably good choices from the menu getting a grilled chicken entree and avoiding anything fried on the veggie selections.

      So… we’ll count this as a “mostly got it.”

  • getting in shape - coverDo “Program Before the Program #1 from Getting Back in Shape: 32 Workout Programs for Lifelong Fitness
    • Ok, I didn’t get this one.  I only did it two of the three days and for the workout to work, it has to be all three.  Especially at this stage.  *sigh*  I’ll do better this week.
  • The “move” part of the program this week will be Line Dance Practice on Tue, Thur, and Friday.
    • Yeppers, I did extra line dance practices three times.  I didn’t do them on Tue, Thur and Friday though.  I did them on Fri, and a double on Sat.
  • Pedestrian sign (CC)On Saturday, I will take my bike out to White Rock Lake and ride it VERY slowly for a very short distance
    • My knee was really bugging me so instead of riding my bike I walked around the block (and I did this on Sunday)  Hey, that may sound like nothing to a lot of folks reading this but there are two slight hills involved (uphill on two sides of the block) and when you’ve not been exercising regularly then walking around the block is a HUGE deal.  Check out this link to the Perceived Exertion Scale.  Right now, walking around the block puts me at #5-7 depending on whether I’m going downhill, the very short flat part or uphill. Note to self.  If I’m going to do this kind of thing in Texas in the Summer, it needs to be at night or in the early morning (Guess which one it will end up being? Hmmmm?)  LOL!  Anyway, doing it in mid-afternoon definitely was not a smart idea.

Prepare to shower me with accolades!!!!!

Whoz da kittySo, did all this new effort produce results?  Yessireebob it did indeed!

On Saturday June 1st I weighed 303.5 lbs, down from my highest of 306.5 lbs which happened in mid-May.

My weight today, Tuesday June 11th, [drum roll please…] is: 298.5, a loss of 5 lbs!!!  And a total lost to date of 8 pounds!

My body fat percentage on the 1st was 41.98%.  My body fat today is: 40.90%, which is a loss of 1.08%

Yay!  Uh-huh!  Uh-huh!

[doing those circle things with my hands
— which if you think about is impossible since I’m actually typing but you get the idea]

Focus on the gains / Don’t obsess about where you’re going

I have learned from hard experience that if you keep looking at the final goal all the time you’ll psych yourself out because the final goal is just too big and too far away.  What you have to do is focus on the steps in between and every time you achieve one of those intermediate goals then you give yourself a pat on the back.  Otherwise you’ll go nuts.

The mission is to do “gooder”  not be perfect.   I must be doing something right because I’ve lost 8 lbs total and 5 since June 1st.  The challenge is to keep on doing “gooder” and not do “badder”.  *sigh*

This Week’s Goals (Wed 12- Tue 18th)

  • Cat sleeping in the net of a socer goal with caption that reads "I haz a goal and I iz sleepinz on itz."No Diet Coke
  • Coffee in the AM and Green Tea in the PM
  • I have a “AM Routine / PM Routine” which if I follow it religiously will go a long way toward helping me get fit and healthy.  My goal is to do that AM/PM checklist at least 5 of the next 7 days.
  • Do “Program Before the Program #1 from Getting Back in Shape: 32 Workout Programs for Lifelong Fitness
  • Do at three line dance practices the next 7 days.
  • No Fast Food (which means that if I do have to eat on the go, I make very healthy choices)
  • Eat more veggies and eat more fruits than I did last week.  (This doesn’t mean that I eat as many as I should but that I eat more than I did this past week)

Cooking Challenge

This week I became very aware of something that I’ve known, but not really given much thought about:  I don’t know how to cook.  And frankly it doesn’t bother me that much.  I can cook, if I have a recipe in front of me but there is a lot that I just don’t know.  Cooking is not a skill set I have.  This became very apparent to me when I had a conversation this week about what to put on toast.  I generally put honey on my toast, Texas Honey because of the allergy reducing benefits.  Anyway, it was suggested that I sprinkle cinnamon on it too.  My response was “Can you do that?”

Hey, I didn’t know that Papaya had seeds either.  Big honking earth shattering, you could hurt somebody if you threw it at them seeds in the middle of all that good fruit stuff.  And I had to ask the clerk if you had to peel it first or not.  Think apples vs bananas.  He said that it was like an apple or a cucumber;  peeling it was choice.  While this was going on I ignored the lady behind me in line trying, and failing, to hide her laughter.  *sigh*

The point?  I don’t know how to cook and right now I really don’t want to expend the time to learn how to do it because I have too many other things that I want to spend that time and energy on.  I know how to heat up stuff; that’s good enough for now.

Revisiting that walk around the block…

At this stage of the game, everything takes longer.  From door to door, tt took me over 30 minutes to go down the stairs, make it around the block and back up the stairs to my apartment, where I wanted to take a nap.  If anyone knows of a good app that I can put on my Android phone that will allow me to track and post it to my Facebook page, I’d appreciate the recommendation.

So, there you have it, my first week back on the wagon, so to speak.  Let the applause and kudos and cheering begin!

See ya on the dance floor!


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