Thur & Friday… Good & Bad-ish and writing before coffee.

It is 8am on Saturday… And I haven’t had coffee yet…

Bring me mai coffee or I poopz on the bed ©2011It’s brewing.  But you should be warned that I am awake at an ungodly hour of the morning and I am pre-caffeine.

Goodness knows what my fingers will end up typing.  Jus’ sayin…

I woke up hungry this morning.  I haven’t woken up hungry in a long time.  So something must be changing in my body.  I’ll count that one up as a “good” thing.

Just because I’m still pre-coffee (still brewing… …I can smell it all the way from the kitchen) and in a grumpy mood, I’m going to whine about my sinuses.  I thought I was coming down with a cold.  I may be but it may also be allergies.  I’ve got this awful drainage which is causing me to cough this icky gunk.  All clear so far so no infection but it is DISGUSTING!

I’ll be right back.  The coffee should be done by now.

Back.  jus a moment while I take a sip….


There is nothing quite so delicious as that first sip of coffee.  It is a signal to the body that the rush is coming.  Moving on..

Stuff I did gooder on Thur & Friday…

Yes, “gooder” is a word.  But in case you’re not up on your lingo.  “Gooder” means:

“Good but not as good as it will be eventually”

Cat Diva Kitty - I iz awesome! - with Watermark ©2012

©2012 TxCowboyDancer Designs

  • No diet coke.  Five days without a single diet coke.  Yippee!  Let the applause commence.  Where’s my ticker tape parade?
  • No fast food Thursday or Friday!  — I have to confess that last night I wanted to order a Pizza so bad I could taste it.  So I made myself spaghetti instead.
  • I’ve been drinking Green Tea in the afternoons and evenings (in place of the diet coke)
  • Food journal: Thursday
    — Breakfast: cereal, milk, fruit, coffee (which came around noon)
    Note:I have several cereals I keep on hand, all organic and all “healthy” kinds, nuts, whole grains, no high fructose syrup, all natural, all organic ingredients.  I use 2% organic milk; it costs more but I like the taste better than “regular” milk.  In fact to my taste buds, the 2% organic tastes better than the whole milk by the big commercial milk producers.

    — Lunch (which actually came around dinner time) — I slept very late on Thursday  I went to Good Eats for linner (get it?  Lunch / Dinner) I got the grilled chicken breast with mushrooms, green beans and splurged a bit with the broccoli cheese casserole.  And you’ll have noticed that there have been no desserts on this weeks list of foods?  Well in case you haven’t noticed, you know now.  So I also got the Apple Pie with a scoop of ice cream.   I have a sweet tooth.  If I don’t allow myself one “treat” a week, I’ll build up a craving and binge.  So that’s it for this week.

    — Dinner (which came later in the evening 11ish)  I had a Slimfast shake when I started to get hungry.  I went to bed around 2ish
    Nibbles: carrots, almonds
  • Food journal Friday
    — Breakfast.  I’m out of eggs & bread so I stole one of Mike’s Jimmy Dean Breakfast bowls.  They are the “healthy” ones not the “regular” ones.  The bowls have eggs, sasuage and potatoes.  230 calories and low fat.  I had Orange Juice and a bananna and coffee as well.

    — Lunch.  Slimfast shake and a V8.  I was on a roll updating my online articles and didn’t want to stop so I did the quick/easy thing.

    — Dinner: Spaghetti with organic marinara sauce.  tea
    Nibbles: carrots, almonds, (I really like the Emerald brand — they have chocolate and cinnamon flavors) and a slice of swiss cheese. I was craving it, I have no idea why…probably because I wanted to put Parmesan cheese on the spaghetti, but I didn’t have any in the fridge.  And just before bed, I had a handful of Sweet Potato chips. (organic and baked) Yummy!  Since for dinner I was REALLY craving that Pizza, we’ll count Friday as a BIG “gooder”.
  • I got all my Line Dance Top Ten lists updated.  I had fallen behind because the last two weeks of May were Texas Classic and IAGLCWDC Annual and I just didn’t have the time.
  • I got all the step sheets, music and videos organized so that I can start work on the new classic line dances for ACDA and for UCWDC.

Smiley Pair-FrownStuff I had planned on doing Thur & Fri but didn’t…so I get to do it today.

  • I didn’t weigh in either Thur or Friday.  Ugh.  I’ll be back on the routine today though.
  • Today (Saturday) is also “measurement day” where I get out the tape measure and… we’ll I’ll refrain from going all TMI on ya.
  • Laundry & other domestic stuff like going to the grocery store.
  • Finish up my KickStarter page
  • Read the bunch of files UCWDC sent me regarding the China DanceSport Games.

One final note.  On my weekly goals, I had planned on biking today.  I’ll do that tomorrow instead.  The KickStarter and China Games stuff has priority.

So, there you have it.  I’m moving forward.  Applause and kudos and accolades are gratefully received!! And I’ve finished my 1st cup of coffee.  Time for cup #2.  LOL

See ya on the dance floor!

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