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This section of my website / blog is where I share my “reviews” and “recommendations” about products I’ve used and online sites that I’ve encountered on my journey to health and fitness

Tony’s Take on: MintVine

MintVine – How ALL Survey Sites should work!

First the “Cowboy Star” Rating:

4.5 stars from TxCowboyDancer

I know that I’m wordy… …so if all you need is the stars
then here’s the link to sign up with MintVine

However, if you want more info then keep reading.  🙂

Fair warning:  this review is long because

(1) it is my first review of a survey site and I wanted to talk about “what makes a good survey site” and

(2) I’ve never said anything in all my life using five words when five hundred would do.  So brace yerself Effie, it’s gonna be a bumpy (but fun and weird) ride!  LOL

MintVine is almost The “Gold Standard”
in “What I want in a Survey Site”

Mintvine-LogoLet’s face it.  I’m doing online surveys for the money.  Not for fun.  Not to “improve products” not to better mankind…  I live on a small pension plus whatever I can scrape together through half-a-dozen different means, including taking online surveys.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not just randomly clicking answers, I actually do read the questions and try to do a “good job” by answering honestly, but when all is said and done, I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t PAID for my time.

So, like any other “job” that is “just a job” — I’m in it for the money so  just give me the CASH

When I first started doing “surveys” online to make a little bit of money, I didn’t know much of anything about anything so I had pretty low expectations.

But now, after doing it for a while, and having learned “in the school of hard knocks” as it were,  there are certain things that I look for in a “good” survey site.  And things which you should look for too.  So, pull up a chair grasshopper and learn from Master Yoda, ahem Tony.  “Master Tony”  — and you folks in the back can stop laughing like, uhm now!

For the record: MintVine does almost ALL of the things on my “Ideal Survey Site Checklist”!  And they do them well.

I know that I’m wordy… …so if you’ve got enough info already
then here’s the link to sign up with MintVine

Low Payout Threshold

This is why MintVine gets 4.5 stars instead of 5 stars.  The MintVine payout threshold is $10.

Which is pretty darn good when Read the rest of this entry

Tony’s Take on: Qmee

Qmee — Making “Easy Money” for doing what you’re already doing!

First, let’s get the rating thing done: 5 stars from TxCowboyDancer

Yes, friends and neighbors… FIVE COWBOY STARS!  — A perfect score! Woot! Why? I hear the teeming masses (and the odd cousin or two..) asking?  We’ll I’m glad you asked.  Here’s why:

  • No minimum cash out threshold.  You can transfer funds to your PayPal account any time you have a cash balance.  I’ve even transferred as low as 5 cents! ..
  • You have the option to take cash and pay yourself, OR you can donate your “cash” to charity.  Ain’t that sweet!  It is a cool thing actually, but folks I need those pennies, every single one of them!  Gimme da CASH!   🙂 ….
  • INSTANT PAYOUT!  We all know I’m prone to drama and well, uhmmm dramatic exageration.  But not this time! When you click the “submit” button.  The cash is THERE!  BAM!  WHAM!  ZIP ZAP!  You have your money!  The transfer from Qmee to PayPal is immediate — we’re talking the speed of light here baby!  As fast as their computers can yack to each other! ..
  • To make the money with Qmee, well you don’t have to do anything that you’re not doing now.  Just use Google and/or Amazon to search for stuff like you are already doing.  (see the how it works section down below) ..
  • They have a referral program.  So if you tell your friends about Qmee, you get paid a bonus of $1 per friend, the first time your friend cashes out at Qmee.

How Qmee Works:

The four Read the rest of this entry

Tony’s Take on: Online Money Making Sites

Series Introduction

Thumbs Up - Thumbs DownSince this is the first time I’ve done this review thing for an online site, I guess an introduction is in order.

There are a lot of places where you can “Make money online!”  And of course there are a LOT of scams out there preying on folks.

In this series I will share with you my personal experiences with some of them and give you my 2 cents worth.  Get it?  2 cents- making money online?  LOL  I crack myself up sometimes.

When I do a review of an “online money making site”  it will be part review, part tips & tricks, and a dash of my usual, well, uhmmm… drama.

Ok, there. I admitted it. I tend to do “drama” even “drama” isn’t really necessary. But on the other hand. Life without “drama” would be SO boring… 😉 And I’m good for a couple laughs when I’m being dramatic… 😉

Nonetheless, my intent is to keep the drama to a minimum and keep these reviews fairly short and to the point, or at the very least, relevant to the topic at hand.


Tony’s Take on: Slim Fast vs High Protein Slim Fast

Problem: Which Meal Replacement Shake Should I Use?

Ok, fair warning, this ain’tcha ordinary review…


I wouldn’t be, uhmmm, well, uhmmm, “moi” if I did a plain ordinary review!

And why should I anyway?  “Ordinary” is just so.. “Plain!”

One should always strive to be FAB-u-LUS even when reviewing meal replacement shakes.

So………  Welcome to Tony’s Brain – doing a review — Brace yourself, it’s a very strange place!

Regular readers, keep reading and enjoy the silliness that you’ve come to expect from me.

You folks who found me via a Google search and are expecting a “normal review” well dearest visitors, you have a choice…

You can do what my regular readers are doing, which is grabbing their morning coffee or a snack to tide them over for a bit while they sit back and have a few laughs reading my post…


You can jump down to the Read the rest of this entry

Tony’s Take on: Singer 96-Inch Extra Long Tape Measure

Keeping it Simple – Sometimes Simple IS Best

Singer 96-inch extra long tape measureTask:

Pretty much every exercise and fitness guru on the planet says that keeping track of your progress is a good idea. You can track many things like weight or body fat, but one of the easiest, the simplest, and the best, is to just measure the inches on your body:

  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Hips

You add up these three numbers and that gives you your “Total Inches.” As you get healthier and fitter those “inches” will probably shrink. So when you see ads saying “I lost a bee-jillion inches using XYZ Miracle Diet Product,” the grand total of those three measuring points in the “inches” they are talking about.

Using a tape measure and piece of paper is a good way to keep track of your progress AND it is a very LOW COST way to do so.


I wanted to measure my body. So I grab the Read the rest of this entry

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