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POLKA is what happened when the Marquis de Sade choreographed a Waltz

Polka is what happened when the Marquis de Sade Choreographed a Waltz ©2012 TxCowboyDancer Designs

As promised in my last post : Cats, Capitalists, and Transformations, from this point forward, whenever I have a new design that I want to share, my post here on my blog will consist of a link to the Squidoo Lens that tells the story behind the design and an image of the design itself with a link to my Zazzle Store.

The image of the new design is to the right.  I hope you enjoy it! Click on the image or on this link if you’d like to buy it on Zazzle.

If you’d like to read the story of how it came about then hop on over to Squidoo by clicking this link.

See ya on the Dance Floor!

See, I can be brief if I try!  🙂

You may now resume your regularly scheduled Internet Browsing.  🙂

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