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Dancers Are Special People

I’ve posted a new article:  Dancers Are Special People…”   over on Squidoo

I have a friend of mine, Beata Howe, who is a wonderfully talented, lovely lady.  She is also a US Open Champion.  Check out her website when you get a chance.  She has this really awesome page on her website.  It starts out with:Dancers in the Sky 2 (CC)

“See if you can relate to this sequence

Stage One Interested –not sure you can do it but really want to. Think everyone is great and amazed that we can actually “get” it.

Stage Two Excited –Making noticeable progress and kind of excited to dance and learn more.

Stage Three WEEEEEE! – Graduate from your first level and dance with a better dancer and everything just works! You are a dancer!…

There is more, but the basic idea is that people who dance are special because people who dance are a small percentage of the population.  That got me wondering, just “how small a percentage?”

Being a former librarian, I did a little research and found….. [drum roll please] Read the rest of this entry

TMI Tidbit #2: What happens in the bathroom, Stays in the bathroom. Usually.

Cat Hiding Face (CC)

I can’t bear to watch!

Everybody does it.

Everybody knows that everybody does it.

It’s part of being human.

We don’t talk about it though.

At least, not in polite company.

But when we are with our friends and there is beer involved, then, the truth comes out….

…we all dance in the bathroom!

If you just got this mental image of ball gowns, feather boas, rhinestones and bugle beads, that would be bathroom of the drag queen who lives across the courtyard from me.  She is a special case, as is her bathroom.   Nope–I’m talking about the rest us, with garden variety “basic” “average” bathrooms.  Although I must confess that my bathroom not quite “basic” nor  “average” as it is tastefully decorated with a lovely “cats and  books” theme done in browns, reds and rich wood tones.

Ahem.  But I digress.  😉

Back to dancing in the bathroom.

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“World Championships” mean it’s time to plan for the coming Competition Year

2011 UCWDC Country Dance World Championships XIXHeat # 55, bringing to the floor in Male Newcomer Pro-Ams, number 442 dancing with his pro….”

“Now for the dance of love…  Polka!” 

“Remember gentlemen, you’re supposed to gaze lovingly at her during the night club”

“Let’s hear it for our dancers”  *applause*

“And in first place, our new World Champion in Male Newcomer Open…”

Ah, the sounds of competition at the UCWDC Country Dance World Championships, “Worlds” for short.  The World Championships are held the first week of January each year and there are dancers from all over the world competing.  This year it is in Orlando Florida.  The dancers at the event have been working all year long toward this final event of the year, the culmination of 12 months of effort.

2012 UCWDC Country Dance World Championships XX

Screen capture from live broadcast of Worlds XX Femaile Newcomer Waltz

Just so you know, Worlds XX is actually going on right now; right this very minute in fact.    I’m watching the Female Starter B and Female Newcomer Pro-Am competition right now as I type this, streaming live from GlobalDance.TV.  They are just finishing Night Club and then they’ll do Cha-Cha, followed by the Waltz heats.

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