Dancers Are Special People

I’ve posted a new article:  Dancers Are Special People…”   over on Squidoo

I have a friend of mine, Beata Howe, who is a wonderfully talented, lovely lady.  She is also a US Open Champion.  Check out her website when you get a chance.  She has this really awesome page on her website.  It starts out with:Dancers in the Sky 2 (CC)

“See if you can relate to this sequence

Stage One Interested –not sure you can do it but really want to. Think everyone is great and amazed that we can actually “get” it.

Stage Two Excited –Making noticeable progress and kind of excited to dance and learn more.

Stage Three WEEEEEE! – Graduate from your first level and dance with a better dancer and everything just works! You are a dancer!…

There is more, but the basic idea is that people who dance are special because people who dance are a small percentage of the population.  That got me wondering, just “how small a percentage?”

Being a former librarian, I did a little research and found….. [drum roll please]


Yes, I found nothing.  There are no statistics on how many people dance or how many people take dance lessons.  There are a few tidbits of information but nothing definitive and nothing that answered my question:  “How many people in the world dance?”  and “What percentage of the world’s population compete, take lessons, etc in dance?”

So I did what any red-blooded over weight unemployed person who is trying to become a full-time writer and dance instructor would do…

I guessed.

And I wrote a whole article about my guess:  “Dancers Are Special People…”  which you can read over on  Here is an excerpt:

Dancers in the Sky 1 (CC)

How many times have you heard someone say “I can’t dance”? Hmmmm? I bet you’ve heard it a lot.

However heartfelt folks may be who say “I can’t dance,” they are incorrect. They are mistaken. They “jus’ ain’t right” or, as we say in Texas:
“They are pure-dee wrong!”

EVERYONE can dance!

Dancing only requires two things…

I hope you enjoy the article.  You can read the rest of  Dancers Are Special People…”   over on

See ya on the dance floor!


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