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Dance Swag for Sale – Line Dance Tote Bag

Line Dance Tote Bag

“Line Dancer’s Mantra 5, 6, 7, 8”

I’m De-cluttering my life…

…and I’m getting rid of all the “Dance Swag” from the events I’ve attended which have been sitting in my closet collecting dust… …asking $20




This is one in a continuing series of posts over the next few weeks; all the things I’m selling are “prizes” or “souvenirs” or “participant” gifts given to the competitors at various dance events which I’ve attended.

I am willing to negotiate; make me a serious offer.

  • Embroidered on the front in colorful script with the phrase “Line Dancer’s Mantra 5, 6, 7, 8”
  • Brilliant Blue
  • Two sturdy woven strap handles long enough that you can put them over one shoulder.
  • Straps are 12.5″ long
  • Zippered closure at the top
  • Bag is 17.5″ wide
  • 4.75″ gusset at the bottom
  • When zipped the bag tapers to the width of the zipper at the top.
  • When unzipped the bag is very flexible and can accommodate a lot of “dance gear” that you need when you go to comps or dance workshops.
  • Sturdy vinyl – smooth on the inside, feels like canvas on the outside.
  • Bag weighs 8 oz when empty

Never used – New condition.

I like the bag, but I have sooooooo many bags, I never got around to using this one.

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Dance Swag for Sale – Dallas Dance Festival Clock

Dallas Dance Festival Clock

I’m De-cluttering my life.

And I’m getting rid of all the “Dance Swag” from the events I’ve attended which have been sitting in my closet collecting dust… …asking $5

Close up of the Logo and Event Name

Close up of the Logo and Event Name


This is one in an ongoing series of posts over the next couple weeks; all this things are “prizes” or

“souvenirs” or “participant” gifts given to the competitors at various dance events.

Dallas Dance Festival is the largest UCWDC event outside of Worlds.  It is often referred to as the “Dress Rehearsal for Worlds”

Collectible Souvenir Analog Clock
Dallas Dance Festival (Dallas, Texas)
An UCWDC Event — United Country Western Dance Council

  • Silver finish
  • Modern clock face design
  • Clock has a “Second” hand
  • Runs on one AA Battery (not included)
  • Quartz Analog
  • Embossed with the logo and name of the Dallas Dance Festival
  • 5″ wide
  • 4.75″ tall
  • 1.5″ deep
  • The circular clock face sits on two pins which allow it to be adjusted to any angle 360 degree rotation.
  • Clock weighs 8 oz

Never used – in pristine condition

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Busy-Busy-Busy! A week filled with DANCING!

Just the facts…Uhmmm…the dance!

wood-floor-background-sized for Facebook- dancing shoes keep calmFolks who have read my blog over the years (you know who you are) know that my general theme has been one of rampant goofiness.  Well not today…  I just don’t have the time or strength or energy.

In fact… the past several months have been like that.  I’ve been focused so much on DOING that I haven’t had a lot of time to WRITE about doing.

I will, try… attempt… endeavor… undertake… give it my best shot to rectify that over the coming couple weeks.

Hopefully I’ll be able to bring you up to speed on what’s been happening on the fitness front, the finances front and give you an update as to where I stand on my Journey to Fitness and Health.


But, as you may have noticed, I’ve been doing REALLY good to get 1 post out a week about the most pressing topic: my ongoing Line Dance class.

So, this post is simply what dancing I’ll be doing this week; I hope you can join me.

Tuesday Line Dance Class!

Line Dance Tuesdays with Tony in Fort Worth 4My “Beginner” line dance class on Tuesday is continuing.  I hope you can join me and bring a friend.  Really!  I need more people in the class!  This is summer and as is usual during the summer months, the number of students in the class have dropped off.  I really would like more folks in the class!

But on the bright side, right now, because of its small size, that means you get lots of individual attention!  Woot!

And there is a special price offer this month.  Check out the DanceMakers Website for full details.

Details:  When / Where

  • Every Tuesday at 6pm — Next class is Tue, Aug 9th
  • DanceMakers of Texas
    — 6201 Sunset Drive, Suite 630 Fort Worth, TX 76116 [Get Directions]
  • Pay at the door or call ahead to Register: 817-244-8500
  • Dances range from Ultra-beginner to Improver; all drawn from the hottest line dances on the planet.

I’m Teaching at LoneStar Invitational

lonestarlogoLoneStar 2016

Omni Austin Hotel at Southpark – Austin, TX – August 12-14, 2016

Workshops I am teaching:

Sat, Aug 13, 10:45 am – Line Dance Teach

Dance: “Fragile” an Advanced level Phrased Line Dance, choreographed by  Guyton Mundy, Fred Whitehouse & J.P. Madge.


Music: Fragile / by Kygo & Labrinth (preview for free or purchase from Amazon for $1.29)


Sat, Aug 13, 2pm
– “Introduction to Line Competition”

Introduction to Line Dance flyer for Lone star

Click on the image for a full size version of the flyer.

It is no secret that I love line dance.  I also love to compete.

It is also no secret that I want MORE people to compete in line dance.  So for about a year now I’ve been offering at the VERY low cost of just $20 a special “Intro to Line Competition” session which can be taken in person or via Skype if you don’t live in my area.

This workshop on Aug 13th at 2pm will be a Special Presentation in a “group” format at no cost!

Well no additional cost.  The workshop is included with your weekend and/or day pass.

This workshop is for ALL DANCERS: Couples, ProAm and Social Line Dancers
Join UCWDC World Champion and ACDA Nationals Champion “Tony New” to learn everything you need to know about how to use Line Dance as a “drill” to build better basic skills. You’ll learn about step sheets and how to read them and the difference between social & competition line dance. Tony will give an overview of the rules and how to qualify for Nationals and Worlds as well as tips for all competitors.

Sat, Aug 13, 5 pm – Line Dance Teach

Dance: “Blue Lights Chasing” – an Intermediate / Advanced level line dance choreographed by Joey Warren


Music: We Went / by Randy Houser (preview for free or purchase from Amazon for $1.29)


Available for Private Lessons all weekend at LoneStar

Book ahead please!  Use this form to contact me about a private lesson.

The more in advance you contact me the better I will be able to coach you during the event.

See ya on the dance floor!









Beginning Line Dance Class Starts August 2nd!!!!

Learn to Line Dance! – “Tuesdays with Tony”

  • Line Dance Tuesdays with Tony in Fort Worth 4Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm — NEW CLASS STARTS ON Aug 2, 2016!
  • Dances taught are Ultra-Beginner, Beginner, and Improver level.
  • New Line Dance taught each week – drawn from the newest hottest dances on the planet
  • Dance difficulty level progresses from very easy at the beginning of the month to “Improver” level by month’s end.
  • Your instructor is [drum roll please] …Moí! — Mr. Tony New! — But you can call me “Tony.” 🙂 I am a five time UCWDC World Champion in Line Dance. So…uhmmm…yeppers, I know what I’m doing! Woot! 🙂
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Teaching “Midnight Waltz” Tonight

Midnight Waltz…

me 544x544No, we won’t be learning this at midnight!  LOL

The class is at its regular time — 6pm!   “Midnight Waltz” is the name of the DANCE!

It is choreographed by Jo Thompson Szymanski.  This dance is a class that has been around for a long time.

This is a wonderfully choreographed waltz with lots of fundamental Waltz Steps in the pattern. If you have ever done any COUPLES waltzing, then you will instantly recognize the footwork. Which means that this line dance is an awesome practice tool for GASP couples dancers! So whatcherwaitinfer?

Come on out tonight! See ya in class!  The music I’ve chosen is the one in this video.  It can be done to any speed of waltz. The faster the music, the more difficult it becomes.  For tonight (because Tony is worn out from a lot of dancing this past weekend) we are doing it to a slow song!

Here’s the music for the dance: Their Hearts Are Dancing / by the Forester Sisters (Preview it for free or download it from Amazon)

Here is the stepsheet for tonight’s dance:

Still not convinced?  There are LOTS of reasons to line dance:

  • line dancers in night club-facebook sizedExercise your mind and your body!
  • Have fun!
  • Improve your partner dancing! Line dancing is a great way to drill/practice technique!
  • Have FUN!
  • Learn the hottest most popular line dances!
  • Have FUN fun FUN!
  • Meet new friends!
  • Have TONS of FUN!
  • Join a worldwide family of dance enthusiasts!

Did I mention that line dancing is FUN?

Oh? I did…then awesome! Woot!

When & Where

  • Every Tuesday at 6 pm
  • 6201 Sunset Drive, Suite 630 Fort Worth, TX 76116 [Get Directions]
    — Studio Phone: 817-244-8500
  • Drop-ins Welcome!  Save money by paying for an entire month of classes.

Get announcements of the specific dances I’ll teach each week

..Like my “Line Dancing with Tony New” Facebook Page


Still have questions?

Then hop on over to
Frequently Asked Questions
about Tony’s Line Dance Classes



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