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What is a normal Blood Glucose Level?

It is harder to figure out than you think…

confused kittyI’m headed to my doctor’s office on Tuesday, so in preparation for that I’m printing out reports from my Blood Glucose Meter.

I was looking at the reports and started to wonder about those “target ranges”  and what exactly did they mean.  I wanted to know:

  1. “What is a normal blood glucose level?” (the answers I found are in this post)
  2. “Given that there is a normal RANGE… is it OK for a person who is diabetic and on medication to be anywhere in that range?” (couldn’t find an answer from a trusted source so I’m gonna ask my doctor on Tuesday)

Getting a “good” “reliable” answer…

Depending on where you look, you get different answers.  sigh  And it MUST be correct because it’s on the Internet!  Right?  sigh

All kidding aside, some sites are better than others when it comes to reliable information.  But even with sites you trust, there can be differences.

Take it from a retired Librarian with over 30 years of searching experience: check and double check when doing “research” on the web.  Then check it again, just to be sure.  Not all information resources are created equal.

The ones I’m sharing with you now are, in my professional opinion, on the “reliable” end of the spectrum.

Bayer (as in Bayer aspirin) the maker of my Blood Glucose Meter says:

Bayer Contour Next Blood Glucose MeterThe meter I use is the Bayer Contour Next.  The default settings are:

  • 70 – 180 mg/dL — Overall
  • 70 – 130 mg/dL — Fasting
  • 70 – 130 mg/dL — Before a meal
  • 70 – 180 mg/dL — After a meal

I’ve been testing consistently for about 3 months now and my doctor wants to look at the data when I visit her on Tuesday — which is what prompted my questions and this post in the first place.  🙂

One of the questions I have for her is whether or not the default settings in the monitor are what she wants me to use as my “target” ranges OR does she want me to use something different.

WebMD says:

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Diabetes Learning Curve and “All about Moi”

Confession time…

Happpy Camper!

I know this is going to sound weird…  I am actually relieved to find out I have diabetes.  Why? Because now I know that it wasn’t “just a lack of will power,” there is a real medical reason which explains the way I’ve been feeling.

I wasn’t imagining it:  I really was fighting against my own body in my attempts to improve my fitness.

I will also admit that I’ve arrived at this point, in part, because of some bad lifestyle choices and in part because of a genetic predisposition.  Everyone in my immediate family is large and about half are diabetic.  Except one skinny brother which none of us can quite figure out why he’s the lucky one.  sigh

I’m relieved because now I know that it is going to be easier from this point forward.  Things are going to get better.  As soon as the meds start doing what they are supposed to do, I will be in a better position to move toward a healthier me.

I want a book deal!  And a Speaking Contract!

Jared the Subway Guy BookI tell ya, when I’m all fit and healthy and dancing again, I want to share my story in every possible way!  I want to tell others that it is not hopeless.  That it is possible to go from absolutely on the brink of a “Health Apocalypse” to being a fit, happy healthy person.

I want to be like Jared, the subway guy!  By the way, if you have not read his book, I highly recommend it.  The first time I read it, I cried.  Literally.  Because I could relate to his struggle.  I had to stop reading and wipe away the tears before I could continue.  I hope to meet him one day and get him to autograph my copy of his book.  That would be so cool.

I want to be on Oprah!  I want Ellen and I to be best buds! Light’s, camera, speaking tours with tumultuous applause! Yeah, right, like that’s gonna happen!

I probably won’t get a book deal or end up touring the country talking about my own journey, but it would be nice wouldn’t it?  Uh-oh!  Tony’s doing that “digression” thing again.  Brace yerself loyal readers, this post might get Read the rest of this entry

My Inner Domestic Diva has been dusting and…

The article “Caffeine, Straight Up!  Confessions of a Java Junkie

       …has moved to Squidoo

Those folks who read my blog on an ongoing basis know that I

And if you DO read all that you’ll understand why I moved the article which was originally in this location to Squidoo, where hopefully it will make me some money.  Squidoo understandably has a policy against having an article in two places out on the internet.

Whew!  Get all that?

So, if you want to read the article, just hop on over to Squdoo where you can read the whole thing:

Caffeine, Straight Up!  Confessions of a Java Junkie

No, I'm not a morning person.  Why do you ask? ©2012Here is an excerpt of the article:

Here is how a typical day of caffeine consumption goes for me right now.  Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.  Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.  Alarm goes off.  Hit the OFF button!  Sleep another hour and a half.  Wake up, that is if you can call a “zombie like state of consciousness” “waking up.”  Waddle to the kitchen.  Start coffee.

Visit the loo (I’ve always wanted to use the word “loo” in a sentence).  Go back to coffee pot.  Thank the gods for the existence of the coffee bean and praise the name of the unknown person who invented that little stopper thingie that keeps the still-brewing-coffee from pouring out of the basket where the grounds are located  onto the hot plate of the coffee pot because I’ve pulled the pot out from the coffee maker and poured my first cup before the brewing is done.

After consuming that delicious, amazing, nectar of the gods disguised as a mere cup of coffee,

Read the complete article…

See ya on the dance floor!

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