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Ask and Yee Shall Receive… …photos and a video!

Since you asked…

Tony at Peker's

One of my readers emailed and requested that I post a recent photo of me and a recent video of me dancing. Who am I to deny my teeming hordes of readers such enjoyment (all four of you who read this blog … five if you count my Mom).


The photo over to the right was taken by a very nice guy (whose name I can’t remember) who is a regular at the local “corner bar” I hang out at when I want to have a beer or two and have the extra cash to actually do so.

The name of the bar is Pekers and I even blogged about it in one of my posts: As the Boots Turn…

I really like the bar. I don’t go there a lot now that I’m unemployed. *sigh* However it’s a great bar!

Pekers is one of those local places where you just go in and everybody knows you, at least casually and you can just relax and have a beer, play a video game, and if you’re in the mood, have a conversation or a couple of laughs.

Here are a few more photos, all from the 2013 World Championships (Jan 2013)…

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2013 Calendar / Event Calendar Updated

Don’t you hate the words “Tentative” and “Possible” and “Probable?”

Kitty dreaming of the Cat Calendar Centerfold ©2011Well unfortunately, at this point in the year, there is no help for it…  *sigh*

I’ve updated my calendar, for now.  Stay tuned for more changes over the coming few days as I line up this year’s schedule.

At any event where I’m attending  I’m ALWAYS available for private coaching and teaching.  In fact, I’ll stand on my head and do back flips to make the schedule work so I can meet you!  Woot!

Uhmmm… don’t literally hold me to that whole stand on the head thing…it is a metaphor.  If I actually tried to do a back flip it would be the end of my dancing career.  Urk.

Anyway, stay tuned as the calendar continues to be updated and detail added.  😀

See ya on the dance floor!

Line Dance Coaching Special for Worlds Attendees!

I’m available to teach/coach at Worlds!

cat sleepy-visualizing my dance routines-with copyright watermark ©2012

©2012 TxCowboyDancer Designs

If you are a ProAm competitor or a Couples Competitor and have been thinking about doing line dance as well, then your timing is most excellent!

I am offering a special rate of $30 per hour to anyone attending UCWDC Worlds in Nashville.  I’ll be arriving on Dec 30th and will be there the whole week of Worlds through January 6th.

To see my complete list of coaching services check out my info page.

You can contact me by clicking the “contact button” up above which will take you to a short form which will send me an email.  I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, and Pintrest.  You can contact me through any of those as well.

Everybody should line dance!

Line dancing is fun!  But, if you need more reasons, let me share.  *grin*

Here are some reasons why you should add line dancing competition in addition to your ProAm or Couples competition. Read the rest of this entry

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