Ways to Save Money on Jenny Craig Food

Jenny Craig (TM) Chips and SnacksThis may sound crazy but the way to save money when buying
Jenny Craig food is to….  [drum roll please] …

Don’t buy it!

Ta-Dah!  My work is done…

You may now resume your normally scheduled web surfing.

But wait, does my Inner Domestic Diva detect unrest among the teeming mass of six people reading this article?  Ok, ok, since you twisted my arm, I’ll elaborate.  🙂

Doesn’t take much to get me to elaborate does it?  😉

When I first started on Jenny Craig, I pretty much bought everything from the menu for the coming week.  I mean everything on the list.  When I got the total for the week, I was considering getting a second mortgage.  Which, let me tell you is serious business because I don’t even have a first mortgage!  Holy High Finance Batman!  Now, being unemployed  and trying desperately to become a full time writer and dance instructor before the retirement-disbursment-money-slash-savings runs out, I have to watch my pennies even more.  So I started looking for ways to save money.

Foods You Can Get Cheaper at the Supermarket:

For the full story, visit my article on Squidoo.com:  “Jenny Craig: 5 More Tips and Tricks to Help You Succeed”.  But for those who just want the brief version here are some foods that you can skip while at the Jenny Craig Center and get for less per serving at the regular grocery store:

  • Cereal
  • Soups
  • Syrup
  • Salad Dressing
  • Snacks: chips and cookies

All of these items when purchased from Jenny Craig end up being very high when a cost per ounce is calculated.  It is cheaper to buy them at the grocery store along with some good storage containers and some snack size baggies and divide the large boxes and bags into individual sized portions.

Tip That Will help Avoid Temptation

ai came, ai saw, ai nom'd and nom'd, now ai sleepzzz... life iz goodWhen you get home from the grocery store it is very easy to listen to your Inner Diva and just toss the big box of whatever into the pantry saying to one’s self that “I’ll divide up the portions as I need them.”  Oh contraire!  That big box of cookies sitting there is a ticking time bomb!

Be strong my faithful reader.  Go ahead… grab those baggies as soon as you get home and divide and conquer!  A pile of little bags of individual portions says “I will eat these cookies at the appointed time as part of a healthy meal plan.”  A big box of cookies says “Let’s make like a hoover and suck those babies down!

I’m just sayin’…  I mean I’ve been told that is what this means.  I would never actually partake of such uncouth actions myself…..  Uhmmm…  Pardon me a moment while I move out of the path of the lightning strike.

Time to do the “link hop” if you want more detail…

So there you have it, the brief version of the full article over at Squidoo.  If you’d like to read the full article which as nutrition label info and cost per ounce breakouts then hop on over.  There are also a couple of fun polls that you can play with as well.

Don’t forget to hit those “like” and “share” buttons once you’re over on Squidoo (or you can hit the ones just below).  My Inner Diva would be every so grateful…  🙂

See ya on the dance floor!


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Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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  1. Hi. I was on Jenny too, But you can do the same thing by simply counting calories and buying lean cuisine. If you must. I basically kept to 1200 calories. Moreorless. And yeah I lost weight without Jenny breathing down my neck, or syphening my wallet, But I did like some of her entrees. The turkey burgs, And the cinammon bars were delish.


    • As my income has dropped over the past two years, I’ve been forced by economics to do exactly that. “do it on my own” but it sure was nice to have all the thinking & planning & calorie counting & nutrition balancing, etc etc etc done for me by following the program. And you are right, some of the JC entrees are very yummy!


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