Wrist update, Rip Van Winkle, Line Dancing and Unbearable Cuteness!

Rip Van Winkle am I

Yoda, I am too, evidently.  Hmm… Say I.   Difficult to stop, it is.   Save me, somebody must.

Cat Kitten in a Cast Sleeping (CC)This week I have slept more than I have ever slept before in my entire life.  Which really really sucks because I really was planning on doing other non-physical things while my wrist has me out of commission.  Nope.  Some much for best laid plans.

Wed and Thursday, I literally slept about 35-40 of the 48 hours in those two days.  I’d wake up for a bit, then WHAMO!  Snnnnzzzzzz.  Wake up and WHAM!  Snnnnnnzzzzzzz Wake up for a….Snnnzzzzz

Get the picture?  I am so TIRED of sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!   In fact, I just woke up from a three hour nap.  I know that on this one that I should be listening to my body.  I’m guessing here that energy is being diverted to the healing process but come on!  Beginning tomorrow I’m going to force myself to try and get back to a more normal sleep pattern.    Wish me luck!

Wrist Update

My wrist showing the healing incision from the surgeryThe short version is that it is getting better but not as quickly as I would like.  It has been 4 and a half days since I saw the doc and he says I’m on schedule.  GROSS PHOTO warning… click on the image for a close up only if you like scars and dried flaking surgical glue…  You’ve been warned.  😉

He gave me a couple of therapy things to do which I’ve been doing faithfully:  (1) Rotate the arm so that the palm faces  toward me then away as much as possible in each direction and (2) make fists.

I can do the palm rotation thing better than I could on on Tuesday and I please with the progress.  However the make a fist thing.  I am not a happy camper with my progress.  I can fold all four fingers down into “fist” position.  Yay but when I do, I grunt with exertion to get them there.  Yes, Grunt!  *sigh*

I can fold my thumb, very slowly and very carefully across the palm of my hand but the effort to do it is unbelievable!   It literally makes me start panting for breath.  I can touch, very carefully and with effort my thumb to my pinkie with much effort.  Touching the thumb to the other four fingers is progressively easier the closer the finger is to the thumb.

As for making a fist with thumb folded in and fingers enfolding the thumb.  Yeah, right.  And would you like me to do some one handed push-ups for you?  How about I give you the winning lottery numbers while I’m at it?  Hmmm??


My arm is still as weak as a newborn kitten.  Getting stronger but still very very weak.  I can do shirts, towels, and other light things fairly easy, up to 8 or 10 ounces but I tried to pick up my shoe a little while ago.  Nope.  Wasn’t going to happen.  *SIGH*

Which means I still can’t drive!!!!!!!  Until I get some strength back in that arm, I can’t drive my standard transmission truck.  Why did it have to be the RIGHT wrist?  Arrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!

I am totally dependent on my roommate to take me to the store, etc.  And to my embarrassment I’m going to have to ask him to help me with my laundry today.   I’m out of clothes and I can’t carry the basket to the laundry room.  We don’t have a washer & dryer here in the apt.

I can type…kinda

With the brace off my wrist, I can actually type with all my fingers on my right hand except my pinkie.  Yay!  I know from the last time that I  broke my wrist that typing is actually excellent physical therapy for a broken wrist so I’m trying to keep the brace off whenever I type.

Line Dancing  — I’m seeing DOTS!

I have a new article over at Squidoo on Line Dancing.  It is a follow up to the article about which I was bragging about a couple posts ago “Easy Line Dances for Weddings, Company Picnics, Family Reunions, and Parties of all Kinds”  topped out at

# 1   in Entertainment & Media » Dance » Other Dance Topics
# 1   in Entertainment & Media » Dance
#66 in Entertainment & Media  and  # 770 Overall

Yay!  Well, the reason that one did so well is that the Squidoo management featured it on the front page of Squiddo.  If you go straight to www.squidoo.com you’ll see a page of featured articles.   These featured articles change each week.  And each week the “editors” of the Squidoo “magazine” announce the “theme” for the coming week.  It is up to you whether or not you choose to write an article that fits the theme.

Have you figured it out yet?  It took me a while to get this but I’m slow sometimes.  You’ve probably already seen the light.

Guess what the Theme was for this past week?    Yeppers, the Fourth of July!   I didn’t do that one.  The new theme, which starts today is “Polka Dots”  yes, I said “Polka Dots”.  The Squidoo folks have a new design template that is cute and fun and bright and full of DOTS.

I think I may spew!

We are talking some serious CUTE OVERLOAD!  Squuueeeeeeeee!!!!!!

I think this calls for a cute kitty photo!

Yes there is a website called “Cute Overload”

Squeeeeeeee!  OMG they are soooooooo cute!!!!!!  I want one of my very own to hold and squeeze and call it George!

Ok, enough of THAT!   Squeeeeeeeee!!!!

Well anyway, if you do the theme that the “editors” are asking for, then you get onto the front page.  That is how my first article did so well.  The editors wanted to feature their new “backyard design theme template” so I did a list of “easy party line dances” using the new theme.  And the rest is history, my article shot up to the Top Tier and made it to #770 overall!  Woot!

Ok, ok, so I may be slow sometimes but when someone hits me over the head with something generally I notice.  This week’s “theme” is the dots.  Did I mention that the DOTS ARE UNBEARABLY CUTE!!!???  OMG…. it is like walking into a pre-teens room and having poster after poster of teen idols staring at you…  Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

But I want on that front page!  So…  Dots it is!  DEEP BREATH!  I can do this.  Oh, wait, I’ve already done it.

Oh the depths of depravity I have sunken just to make some money…  SIGH.  And I won’t even see the money until August!  Squueeee!   Oh wait, SIGH!   I’m so messed up.  The dots are affecting the brain.  Or maybe it is the pain medication.  Either way….

So, friends, neighbors, fellow dancers, and ever so faithful readers, I give you:

Easy Line Dances for Weddings,
Company Picnics,
Family Reunions,
and Parties of all Kinds”

and dots.  We mustn’t forget the dots.  Go on over, check it out, hit like, hit share, enjoy the dances and ignore the dots.  Unless you’re into dots.  Then hey!  It’s party time!  I’m not into dots.  Can you tell?

And of course my faithful, generous, lovely intelligent, friendly giving, sharing, kind, readers will go over and read it?  And share it?  Here, just to get you in the right frame of mind…  🙂  Here is some more unbearable cuteness…

Cat Cute Kitten Cute Guy Man Beard (CC)

All together now….  “Awwwwwwwww”  Isn’t he cute!

So’s the cat.  😉

If you visit my first article Easy Line Dances for Weddings, Company Picnics, Family Reunions, and Parties of all Kinds” you’ll notice that the “backyard theme” which wasn’t all that bad actually has been replaced with a much more appropriate “Wood” theme.  Whew!  Which is what I’ll do with my new article once it moves off the front page… I’ll change it to Wood and dump the dots.

So there you have it…

A quick update of how my week has gone.  Wish me luck on the arm.  Ready or not, I have no choice I’ve got to get back in the studio.  My number one priority from now through Worlds is to get ready for Worlds.

See ya on the dance floor!


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