Easy Line Dances for Company Picnics, Weddings, Family Reunions, and Parties of all Kinds

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Wedding Line Dance (CC)What got me thinking of this topic was my most recent “gig” where I taught dances to a group of non-dancers.  By “non-dancers” what I really mean is non-dance-nuts like myself.

Until recently, all of my dance teaching has been to fellow enthusiasts like myself.  Fellow dance nuts in other words!

Which means that the dances I’ve been teaching wouldn’t work for this “new” type of student.  So I did a little bit research and came up with five dances which are good for social settings like proms, parties, weddings etc.

And, since any bit of research I do now is a Squidoo article just begging to be written, I did just that:  I wrote an article.  Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

Dances for Anytime You Want People Who “Don’t Dance” to Get On the Floor and DANCE!

We have all been there: sitting at a party or social gathering with an empty dance floor, a DJ, and a group of people who we barely know, who have a huge range of musical tastes and an even wider range of dance skills. And nobody is dancing with anybody.

Then a miracle happens and the DJ fires up a line dance song and suddenly the floor fills up with dancers having fun. Line dancing…breaking the ice and filling dance floors since time immemorial!

Here are five, sure-fire, easy, well-known, line dances designed for the beginner dancer and/or the “non-dancer” that will get the party started and get folks “off their seats” and “on their feets!”

[Read the rest of the article…]

See ya on the dance floor!


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