Line Dance Levels Explained, Defined and Demystified!

Goofy cartoon of a Line Dancer having fun dancingWhat are Line Dance Levels?

Asking “What are line dance levels?” feels a wee bit silly doesn’t it? I know that I felt a little strange asking the question. I mean, after all, the whole idea of “Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced” is a concept that most of us “get” right away.

It isn’t a silly question, of course.

Even though most of us can easily grasp the concept of a ranking system which starts with…

“so easy a baby could do it…”
…moves through “kinda in the middle someplace”
…and ends up at “you have GOT to be kidding me!”

…it is not easy to figure out exactly which dance goes where. It is quite a mess in fact! No wonder folks get confused!

Fear not fellow dancer, by the end of this short article you’ll be able to skim the workshop list at a dance event and decide with confidence which ones are right for you.

What most folks are really asking when they say “What are “Line Dance Levels?” is for more detail so they can then be able to sort the dances into their proper levels.

To put it another way, what people are asking is: “Where are the dividing lines between the levels and what steps are in each level?

Dance on my friend! Dance on!

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Worlds 2013 - Advanced Line Dance Male and Female divisions on the floor

Worlds 2013 – Advanced Line Dance Male and Female divisions on the floor — I’m the guy in black in the front

This is an article that has been on my “To do” list for quite a while.  And I finally got around to it.  Because I’ve been line dancing quite a while, I have a pretty good grasp of what the levels are, however, as I’ve started teaching line dance, I’ve discovered that for many people the levels are confusing.

So this article is an attempt to sort it all out.   I think it is pretty well written, but then I’m kinda biased.  LOL  Hmmm I wonder if I could get the judges at dance comps to let me judge myself?  wink

Anyway, the article explains about the different “levels” that choreographers assign to their line dances, and talks about how you can, uhhmmmm, judge for yourself whether or not something is really a “beginner” or if the dance should actually be called an “improver” or “intermediate”

As with all my articles I write, there is a wee bit of humor thrown in just for giggles and grins, some cool photos of folks dancing, and some fun polls.   I hope you enjoy it. 

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