Progress Photos/Charts: 2014.09.26 – Weirdness Abounds

Progress Photos: 2014.09.26

Photo on 09-26-2014

Where I started – Me on Jul 26, 2014

2014-07-26 At my heaviest weightMe at my computer on July 26, 2014 at my heaviest weight of 333 lbs.

Where I want to be when I reach my target fitness level:

Fit me from back in the day! - All Cowboy'd Up!Fit me from back in the day! – All Cowboy’d Up!
This gives you a good idea of what I’ll look like when I’m fit and healthy.

This week on my “Journey to Health & Fitness

Shapin' Up Bear!

It’s been a weird week.

Tracking Calories:  I started tracking my calories, using this program I have called Perfect Diet Tracker.  And it’s a pretty good program.  I did pretty good at entering what I ate.  Entered about 60-70% of the food.

I seemed to have issues with entering dinner.  Breakfast, coffee, mid-morning snack, lunch all got entered with no problems, but the mid-afternoon snack was hit or miss and by dinner time well, most of the dinners didn’t get entered at all.

Next week will be better.

Drinking Water:  One of my goals, or rather, my objectives for September is to drink one glass of water a day.  Just water, with a few ice cubes, which eventually melt and I drink that too.  Nothin’ but water.  Good ole H2O.

And this week I did it.  I’ve been trying since the beginning of Sept, but every week except for this week, I missed at least one day.  Well this week I did it!  Yay!  Tah-Dah!

kitten-did-not-like-the-waterBut I think all that healthy WATER has messed up the “Body Fat” measurement…  Eeeeeek  Urk!

I measure my body fat using electrical impedance.  Which while cheap and easy to do at home, is the least accurate way of measuring body fat AND it is notorious for being affected by the hydration level of the person being measured.

So… I think that because my body is getting used to having lots of water around or because it isn’t used to having lots of water around, the body fat number was thrown off:  it jumped up!  A LOT!!!!  

EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!  Urk!!!!!!!!!!!!  Arrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!!

And because the body fat percentage jumped UP the lean body mass went DOWN!



Frankly, I don’t believe what the numbers are telling me.  BECAUSE!!!!! the inches are telling me a different story… they dropped again this week.  Woot!  The weight dropped this week.  Woot!  When everything else is down and only one number is up, then something is hinky.

So, I’m going to keep on keepin’ on, and see what the numbers do next week.  Is this an aberration (good word… I wonder what the scrabble points are for that?) or is it my body “fighting back” and trying to get me to gain back the weight / body fat I’ve lost so far.

Stay tuned bat fans!  Hmmmm… maybe that should be “Stay tuned FAT fans!”  LOL  I crack myself up sometimes!

Progress Charts

Body Composition Ratio: 2014.09.26

Total body weight down, but check out the huge drop in the Lean Body Mass — I don’t believe it.  We’ll see what next week shows:

2014-09-26 Body Mass


Physical Measurements: 2014.09.26

I lost “total inches” again this week — that makes THREE weeks in a row!  Woot!  Chest stayed the same but both Waist and Hips shrunk:

2014-09-26 Inches


Weight: 2014.09.26

Total body weight dropped this week.  Also, you’ll see a single dot on the chart.  That is my weight at Jenny Craig.  I got a free “year’s membership” from them so I’m going once a week to weigh in on their scale.  It will always be higher than my home weight because of the clothes.

2014-09-26 Body Weight


Body Fat Percentage: 2014.09.26

I have no idea what happened. I do not believe what I see on the chart.  Weight is down.  Inches are down.  I feel better. Something is off. I think it is because I’m drinking more water and my body is confused, or the fat monitors I use to measure body fat are confused.  We’ll see what happens next week with another week of increased water intake.  Maybe things will settle down?
2014-09-26 Body Fat

See ya on the dance floor!

Cowboy smiley 110x110


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