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Top 10 “Best Known” Line Dances

New “Top Ten Line Dance List”
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Top Ten “Best Known” Line Dances

Kickit Logo (TM)

On the Internet there are a number of online stepsheet collections. Probably the best known and the largest of them is Kickit.

The URL for the site is “”  Basically it is a huge database where you can search for a particular line dance and get the step sheet.

For those who are completely new to line dancing… A “Stepsheet” or “Step Sheet” or “Step-sheet” is an organized listing of the steps for a line dance as created by the choreographer. Watch for a post soon on how to read a step sheet. By reading the step sheet sometimes in combination with watching a video, you can learn the dance!

Once you hop on over to Squidoo, you’ll find a video for each dance followed by links to the stepsheet and music. Clicking on the music links will take you to the complete album listing where you can choose to preview the song and/or purchase the song or the complete album as a download. If you prefer, you can also purchase the album as a CD from Amazon by clicking on the link below.

I hope you enjoy this list of dances!

See ya on the dance floor!

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