Progress Photos/Charts: 2014.09.19 – Just say no to PCS!

Progress Photos: 2014.09.19

Photo on 09-19-2014 at 8.03 PM Side by Side

Where I started – Me on Jul 26, 2014

2014-07-26 At my heaviest weightMe at my computer on July 26, 2014 at my heaviest weight

Where I want to be when I reach my target fitness level:

Fit me from back in the day! - All Cowboy'd Up!Fit me from back in the day! – All Cowboy’d Up!
This gives you a good idea of what I’ll look like when I’m fit and healthy.

This Week on my “Journey to Health & Fitness

Shapin' Up Bear!This week was something of a mixed bag.

As I weighed in each day, I noticed that my weight was fluctuating a LOT.

I think it is because I’m trying to increase my intake of water.  Some days, I’m being very good and drinking lots of water

Ahem….  For the record, and for the purpose of discussion, and for the length of this blog post, we shall define “lots of water” as MORE than I’ve been in the habit of drinking before I began my journey to fitness and health began back in August.

So let it be written…   So let it be done…

Why am I suddenly suddenly channeling Yule Brynner as the King of Egypt?   Who knows. Your guess is as good as mine… but I digress.  I do that you know. 🙂

So, I’m drinking MORE water than in the past.  (there are the Definition Nazis happy now?)

funny-cat-drinking-waterAnd I think that drinking more water has thrown a monkey wrench into the weight measurements this week.

Of course once my body is convinced that the water supply is stable and convinced that we are not in the midst of a ever so brief fluke rain shower in the midst of a long drought, it will stop acting like a camel and holding onto every single last drop of water that I drink.

Not that it is REALLY doing that… ’cause, I think I’ve actually BURNED a heck of a lot of calories from the MANY many many MANY trips to the little dancer’s room this week!

I tell’s ya…  I’ve sat down and got up so many times in there this week I felt like I was at a Catholic Church service!

So, uhmmm where was I?  Oh, yes, this week on the “fitness and health front”  Hmmmm…. I’ve covered the water.  Oh!  Oh My!  How could I FORGET?!!

The demon thou shall call Pimento Cheese Spread…

cheese-lolcatI learned something important this week.  I can NOT have Pimento Cheese Spread in my house.  Nope.

She canna take it Captain!  She’s gonna blow!

Because when it comes to PCS…  I have no control.  None.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  Narry a whisker of control.

If it is in the fridge it will soon be gone from the fridge and all in my tummy.  Where my fat cells form conga lines and crank up the music and scream “Party!  All.  Night. Long!” and start singing, frolicking, and generally disturbing the neighbors til the wee hours of the morning.

I bought a container of this stuff (evil vile wicked temptress that it is) about two weeks ago and was horrified at myself when less than 24 hours later it was GONE.

So this week, because it tastes so YUMMY and because I have warm fuzzy feelings associated with it from my childhood, I decided to get a container and exercise restraint and moderation and promised myself that I would make the container last a whole week!

Nope.  It lasted less than 36 hours.  Slllluuuuuurrrrrrrppppppp   It was like a horror movie where the cow crosses the piranha infested river… It just was GONE!

And it didn’t even leave a tip on the night stand.  No digits even!  I feel so used.

So, like any good addict …  … I vow to never touch da stuff again!

“Hello, my name is Tony.  I’m a Pimento Cheese Spread abuser”

All together now…  Hi Tony!

‘nuf said about THAT!  But it may explain why my weight this week was almost the same as last week.  Urk!  I do NOT want to know how many calories are in a container of Braums Pimento Cheese Spread.  I just doanna wanna!

Random Fitness Related thoughts for the week:Good Me-Bad Me ©2011

  • My weight stayed basically the same, but for the second week in a row, I lost body fat.  Yay!  Which means I’m gaining muscle!  Yay!
  • Weighed in daily  GOOD
  • Did at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day that got my heart rate and my breathing going every day this past week.
  • Ate more fruits and veggies than the week before.
  • Drank more water this week than the week before.
  • Switched from “regular” to “fat free” Coffee mate
  • We’ve already discussed the episode with the cheese.  *SIGH*

Progress Charts

Body Composition Ratio: 2014.09.19

Check out the two “Milestones” that I reached!  Yay Tony! — Also, check out the Lean Body Mass graph line.  You’ll see it has ticked up.  Yay!

2014-09-19 Body Mass


Physical Measurements: 2014.09.19

I lost “total inches” again this week.  A lot lost on the Chest, a little bit on the waist but no loss on the hips.  Which makes sense.  It is coming off in reverse order from what it came on… hips, waist, chest.  So it makes sense it will go off chest, waist, hips.

2014-09-19 Inches


Weight: 2014.09.19

Weight ticked up a teeny tiny bit, but not statistically significant.  Only 2/10 of a pound, just a few ounces — basically flat.

2014-09-19 Weight


Body Fat Percentage: 2014.09.19

Lost body fat this week.  Yay Tony! — I’m pretty much staying close to the “Projected Body Fat” targets.

2014-09-19 Body Fat

See ya on the dance floor!

Cowboy smiley 110x110


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Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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