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I’m on track!!!! The Numbers from this week

On track and loosing weight…

Who da kitty?  Iz da kitty!I’m a little behind my “goal” but as long as the numbers keep heading downward, I’m satisfied.  🙂

Here are the numbers:

  • 282.5 lbs — 13 pounds lost to date
  • 152.25 inches — 6 inches lost to date (Chest, waist, hips)
  • 6/10 of a pound lost this week at my Jenny Craig weigh-in

The fun charts:

Ticker Tracker 2013-01-26

Total Body Weight 2013-01-26

Physical Measurements 2013-01-26

See ya on the Dance Floor


I’ve been a good cowboy!

Brace yourself, this is going to be a short post.  Friends that are reading this, can stop laughing.  I can be brief if I am tired.  And I am.

But….  (the snorts of laughter can stop now!)

In all seriousness, I lost my fitness spreadsheet last week when it was time to do the “weekly stats” posts and had to retrieve it from my backup drive.  But life kinda got in the way so I never even noticed that I ….

<drum roll please>

Close up of my weight chart dated 2012-01-19 ©2012

I've met my first fitness goal. Click to enlarge.

Have met my first fitness goal!  I dropped below 280 lbs!  Yay Me!  Go Team Tony!

Cowboy Smiley (CC)Check out the cute smiley face with a cowboy hat that I found to put on the chart to show the goal has been accomplished!

And, while I was updating my chart page:

Charting My Progress

I noticed something that is really awesome.

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2012-01-19, Weekly Stats — Week 5

2012-01-19-Ticker ©20122012-01-19-Table ©2012

Just a very quick recap of the week.  Because I’m tired and I need to get to bed.  Six am is going to come early tomorrow morning. 🙂

Still not completely back on Jenny Craig because of vacation and trips and this and that.  But on the other hand, I’ve been making smarter choices and the numbers are headed the right way.  I’ll try to do a week’s summary tomorrow.

See ya on the dance floor!  (after I’ve had some sleep!)

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2012-01-12, Weekly Stats — Week 4

2012-01-12-Ticker ©20122012-01-12-Table ©2012

I’m actually posting these a week late.  Hey, life kinda gets in the way of blogging every once in a while!  🙂

Numbers are headed in the right direction.  Watch for this week’s numbers in just a bit.  They look even better!  Woo Hoo!

See ya on the dance floor!

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2012-01-05, Weekly Stats — Week 3

2012-01-05-Ticker ©20122012-01-05-Table ©2012The main thing this week was that I had a trip out of town to go to the UCWDC World Championships (Worlds XX)  Because of that, I was not able to follow the Jenny Menu for the whole week.  I tried to make sure I chose the healthiest choices when eating at the event, but, I pretty much didn’t worry about not drinking Diet Coke.

All in all the numbers are not that bad.  Weight is headed down.  Inches are headed down.  Body Fat is headed slightly up / staying level.  But as soon as I kick in the exercise component, which starts this week, then the body fat numbers will drop as well.

All in all, we’ll chalk this one up as a “win”.

See ya on the dance floor!

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