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How do you get to Radio City Music Hall?

Radio City Music Hall [CC]I feel like the butt of that joke :
How do you get to Radio City Music Hall?”  And the answer is “Practice!”

Well today I did just that and it was an AWESOME PRACTICE!   I am such a “high” and want to share it with everyone!  No, I’ve not been taking drugs.  Hmmm..  Does an extra large diet coke from Jack in the Box count as “drugs”?  Well, if it does then that’s it, and that’s all I’ve had!  🙂

But I digress…  I do that don’t I?  LOL

Ok, ok, I just got home from a most AWESOME practice with my fabulous dance partner Donna.  We worked for just under an hour and a half on 40 beats of our Two-Step routine.  I don’t know how many steps that works out to because there were some syncopations involved.

All we were doing was going through every step, every move, very slowly and thoroughly and applying what we already know!  It is amazing how many things we were able to correct or fix simply by slowing down the process so we could dig through the memory banks and dredge up those things our coaches have already told us to do.  And *ahem*  [BLUSH] do what we’ve been told.  Then once we figured out what to fix, we did it over, and over and over and over and over.

I may be putting some teachers out of business here by depriving them of repeat business from inattentive students….  Read the rest of this entry


Dancing: How much does it cost?

Dance with Dollar Signs on Boots ©In some of my posts I’ve mentioned as an aside, that competitive dancing is not cheap.  Because of that, a couple of the readers of this blog have emailed me to ask “Just how much does it cost?”   To which I must answer, dearest readers, without qualification, and without my usual drama:

“A lot!”

I.  Am. Not. Exaggerating.  This wonderful exciting, fulfilling, passion is very expensive.

But it doesn’t have to be expensive, at least not at first:

  1. I am a competitive dancer  and I’m working hard to progress to a point where I can “Turn Pro” meaning that my costs are on the high end of a cost spectrum which actually begins at almost zero.
  2. For someone just starting, who is curious and just checking out “this whole dance thing”  it is possible to start with little or no cost.
  3. And most importantly, the money I’ve spent on dance has been worth every single penny.  I would do it all over again, absolutely, without hesitation.

Thirty Lessons for LivingA while back I heard on NPR (National Public Radio) an interview with Karl Pillemer, the author of a new book: Thirty Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans.

I recall from the interview, that the number one piece of advice which Older Americans would like to pass on to younger generations is

You shouldn’t wait to do something
which you really want to do.

Do it now.  And dancing, dear readers, all four of you who are actually reading this blog, is definitely one of those things which should not wait until “Someday“.  Do. It. Now.  You have been given a royal decree by my inner domestic diva.  If you don’t go and do some dancing she may throw her bon-bons at you!

But I digress…  Back to to the topic at hand.  🙂

If you are one of those folks who demand “instant gratification” then scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for the “quick and dirty answer”.  But if you want a more developed explanation of the costs then keep reading: Read the rest of this entry

The Texas Hoedown — Scrapbook Scribblings

Welcome to my “Scrapbook Scribbles” for the Texas Hoedown (March 23-25).  You’ll find jottings and photos which, in no particular order, describe all the fun from last weekend at the Texas Hoedown, first stop on the ACDA circuit.

  • I love the Texas Hoedown because it is so very laid back and friendly.  Virginia and Jerry, the event owners are awesome folks and they work overtime to make everyone feel welcome.  And I love being with other folks who love dancing as much as I do; the Hoedown is a “must attend event” for people in the Southwest.  It is the first big event of the year and is something of a family reunion where you get to see friends you haven’t seen since the end of last year’s dance season.  The Hoedown is an awesome experience and lots of fun.
  • Hoedown Namebadge ©I was on the Line Dance Staff and have a cool name badge that says “Instructor” as a souvenir.  Hey, it’s cool to me!  🙂
  • OMG!  I almost forgot to mention…!  PANT  <taking deep breaths> ! Read the rest of this entry

I Added an “Event Schedule” to my Blog

TxCowboyDancer Logo ©2011Cowboy Smiley (CC)I added a new section to my blog, which is quickly turning into a full-fledged website!

You can find links to the Schedule Page:

— in the menu up above under “Home,”
— in the menu under “Dance”
— or as a link in the text area at the top of the right hand column of the blog.

OR you can just click on this link:

2012 Event Schedule

See ya on the dance floor!

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