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My not so “quick” “quick post” about good stuff that is happening!

Random bits of “good news

Awesome Thumbs Up Sketch (CC)OK folks, I have NOT had my morning coffee so this may end up being a bit of “free association”

HOWEVER… I wanted to share a random assortment of things that have happened in the past little while that are AWESOME.

So in no particular order…

My blood glucose number was 119 this morning…

…well below the 130 max my doctor has set for my “fasting” level.  “Fasting” means “just before breakfast” YAY!

I woke up this morning at a teeny tiny bit just past 9 am.

Yes, you read that correctly.  OMG!  Of course it probably helped that I went to bed last night around 11-ish.  But this is unusual for me.  My normal range is 2am – 10/11 am.

And recently, over the past month and a half, I’ve not been able to get to sleep until 4 or 5 or 6 am after which I sleep 8-10 hours and wake up waaaaaaaayyyy after the “day” has started for most folks,

So… getting up at 9am where I’d really LIKE my wake up time to be so this is great.  YAY!

And this has been the case now for almost an entire week! So my sleep patters may be shifting back to the “typical norm”  YAY!

I went to my doctor yesterday…

…and I had dropped 8 lbs from my last visit to her office.  YAY!

Ringing-In-My-EarsI had gone to her because I have ringing in my ears.  She is trying a couple of things and said she’ll send me to a specialist if the stuff she is trying doesn’t work and stop the ringing within a couple of weeks.  YAY!

Since I was there anyway, she went ahead and did the “follow up” stuff — monitoring my diabetes and high blood pressure and weight management stuff.

I showed her my chart from the blood glucose testing meter and I’ve been 95% within the target range that she has set for my blood sugar.  She was all happy about that!  Woot!

And the reason this “doctor stuff” is unqualified “good news” is because thanks to President Obama and thousands of people who worked very hard to pass and protect the ACA, I am under medical care.  Before qualifying for the ACA subsidiy I would have just ignored the ringing in my ears, and my diabetes and … well you get the picture.  Health insurance is good.  YAY!

Not having health insurance.  BAD. – not “yay”

AND this is “good news” because when I called up to make the appointment, she said that she would bill me for the $20 copay.  She said I could pay it after the first of the month when I get my pension check.  Which is awesome because if she had not said that I would have not been able to go.

My checking balance, the day before yesterday, on Monday, when I called her to make the appointment, was sitting at 67 cents.  Yes, under a dollar.  So having a doctor who cares more about getting me in to see her when I need care than about making me wait to get that $20 copay is a good thing!  A very good thing.

YAY!!!  in fact DOUBLE YAY!

Slllluuuurrrrppppp……  Ahhhhhhhhhhh  — first sip of coffee.

c2013 TxCowboyDancer DesignsYou know that you are officially a caffeine addict when you whole body gives this little shudder of anticipation as soon as you have that first sip.

There is no way the caffeine can have hit your system yet, but the taste buds let the rest of the body know that the fix is on its way…


By the way, the cute cat clutching a mug of coffee over to the right is one of my designs from my store: TxCowboyDancer Designs (yes this is a shameless plug) — but check it out when you get a chance.  🙂

My doctor also ordered a standard 3 month blood work panel…

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Random thoughts from my Walk in the Park

I partook in the “activity that shall not be named…”

tired puppyYes, the evil e-word!

I’m really really tired at the moment so here is a very brief series of random thoughts about today’s walk.

  • Runkeeper does not work that well at tracking location when you don’t have “true GPS.”  It attempts to use the closest WiFi network and establish your location but …
  • According to RunKeeper I walked over 2 miles.  Yeh, RIGHT!  try more like 1/2 miles.  (see below)
  • I saw a dead snake.
  • I saw an empty water bottle that someone threw on the grass instead of the trashcan. I was too tired to bend over and pick it up so it is still there.
  • So is the dead snake.
  • I am TIRED.
  • I may have to have two rest days before my next walk.  Starting out at the BEGINNING I was waddling, limping, and moving slow.  The climb up the stairs to my apartment was NOT FUN AT ALL.

Walk in the park 2014-05-05_11-15-46

  • My feet are throbbing right now.  Literally throbbing.
  • My lower back is not too happy with me either.
  • My knees though don’t seem to be having any issues.
  • My legs are sore – very sore
  • There are some VERY cute guys in my neighborhood…  and no, I’m never too tired to notice a cute guy… if I don’t check out the guy, then check my pulse and breathing to make sure I’m still on this side of the pearly gates.
  • I met one of my neighbors.  She’s an OU fan.  Actually she married into an OU family.  His truck is red / Maroon.  Go figure.  (I was wearing my OU cap which is why the subject came up)
  • The lock on the pedestrian entrance in the security fence needs to be lubricated.  It is very stiff.  SNORT.  I said “lubricated” and “stiff” in the same sentence.  LOL
  • I need to get a duplicate key made (for the pedestrian gate door thingie)  The same key that opens that gate also unlocks the laundry room.  I don’t want to loose the laundry room key and have to ask mgmt for another.
  • Plus, since I have my house key on one key ring and the laundry key on another well I’m carrying two keyrings.  If I get the duplicate gate key made then I can add it to the duplicate/spare house key that has become my “carry it with me when I’m walking key”
  • I’m using my Club Bolo Key ring which is WAY COOL!   “Howdy de Texas mon Club Bolo amis de Montréal”
  • I really do live on the side of a friggin hill.  And the park is downhill from the apartment.  Ugh.
  • My back is twinging.  I think I need to take some tylenol or advil or something.. which one is better for muscles?  Yes, friends, walking just 1/2 mile did this.  I’m out of shape remember?


I …



Applause!  I demand accolades and Atta boys and flower petals threwn in my direction.  (Is “threwn” a word?)  My spell check doesn’t think so.. But I’m overruling it

Definitely need that Tylenol…

See ya on the dance floor . . .

. . . EVENTUALLY when my body can handle it, but IT will happen.

Really cool photos

Just sharing some photos…

This is a post with only one purpose.  I just had to share this awesome photo which Bobby of Moon Dance Studios took of my lovely pro dance partner, Gretchen Smith and myself at the Oklahoma Dance Rush earlier this year.

And three photos which Bobby took at the Texas Classic in Houston Texas this year.  Two of the photos are of my awesome pro, Sarah Berens (from Austin TX) and the third photo shows my lovely dance partner, Donna and I.

I hope you enjoy them.  🙂

Ask and Yee Shall Receive… …photos and a video!

Since you asked…

Tony at Peker's

One of my readers emailed and requested that I post a recent photo of me and a recent video of me dancing. Who am I to deny my teeming hordes of readers such enjoyment (all four of you who read this blog … five if you count my Mom).


The photo over to the right was taken by a very nice guy (whose name I can’t remember) who is a regular at the local “corner bar” I hang out at when I want to have a beer or two and have the extra cash to actually do so.

The name of the bar is Pekers and I even blogged about it in one of my posts: As the Boots Turn…

I really like the bar. I don’t go there a lot now that I’m unemployed. *sigh* However it’s a great bar!

Pekers is one of those local places where you just go in and everybody knows you, at least casually and you can just relax and have a beer, play a video game, and if you’re in the mood, have a conversation or a couple of laughs.

Here are a few more photos, all from the 2013 World Championships (Jan 2013)…

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Big D Bash and Pro-Am Line Dance

What the heck is “ProAm Line Dance?”

Big D BashHi everybody!  Big D Bash is coming up fast.  There are only 32 days before the event.  Big D Bash is unique on the UCWDC circuit in that it is a “Line Dance only” event.  No couples.  No ProAm… we’ll almost no ProAm.

There is a little known category of dance competition called “ProAm Line Dance.”  Here is how it works:

  1. You find an instructor (like me).
  2. You find some friends (optional, but it makes it a lot more fun)
  3. You and the instructor (and friends?) pick out a line dance and the instructor teaches it to you and/or coaches you.  Any line dance at all!  Did you catch that?  You get to dance any line dance you want to dance!!!!
  4. You enter the contest.  Here’s the “Pro/Am” part:
    The instructor dances on the floor in the competition with you!   You’re not out there all alone!
    So if you get stuck or your mind goes blank, then you have someone to look at other than the other competitors.
  5. You have a great time, you win cool prizes, accolades, applause, you’re invited to be on Oprah and the Tonight show!   You become famous and retire and spend your weekends in the French Rivera. (that last bit is still being verified, but it’s what I heard! *wink*)

Line Dancers on the dance floor-Artistic Shot (CC)

Basically it is a way for people who are “thinking” of doing line dance to get over that scary leap into the unknown:  “Eeeeeeeek, you mean I won’t have a Pro to hang onto?  Eeeeeeeeeek!”

We’ll you won’t actually be able to hang onto me, but I’ll be there on the floor with you so I’m your “emergency fallback plan.”  *grin*

So, if you’d like to try out line dance competition in a fun, easy, inexpensive way, then give me a shout!

Everybody should line dance — Especially ProAm “Couples” Students !

Line dancing is fun! But, if you need more reasons, let me share. *grin*

Here are some reasons why you should add line dancing competition in addition to your ProAm or Couples competition. Read the rest of this entry

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