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2011-12-29, Weekly Stats — Week 2 (again)

2011-12-29-Ticker ©20112011-12-29-Table ©2011

First things first…  No, you’re not hallucinating, I’m doing “week 2” twice.  Yes, you heard me right.  LOL

I realized that my progress photos were one week off from my weekly stats.  That’s because a full week went by after I had renewed my fitness efforts before I took my first set of progress photos.  So, I’m haveing two “week twos” to keep the week numbers in sync.  No matter how you count it, my stats were basically flat, slow downward trend by very small decrease since I started.  So enjoy my Week TWO Stats!  🙂 Confused yet?

On to the recap:  I don’t know why I’m surprised, especially since I have been doing this huge “song and dance” production number about this here on my blog…  BUT getting moving on the journey toward fitness takes time and effort!

The main thing that went on this week was:

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2011-12-22, Weekly Stats — Week 2

2011-12-22-Table ©2011This week I had a lot of drama involving my truck which absorbed all my energy.  The good news is:

  • I have a brand new truck!  And I’m loving every bit the “newness” of it!!!!
  • I don’t have to worry about breakdowns any more for 100,000 miles (bought an extended mechanical warranty) which means less stress and improved health.
  • I don’t have to worry about new tires for the next 3 years (bought a tire warranty) which means less stress and improved health.
  • I lost 1 pound from this week (Jenny Craig Weigh-in)
  • Lost .51 % Body Fat
  • Lost inches.

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2011-12-15, Weekly Stats (Starting Over–Third Time is the Charm!)

2011-12-16-Ticker ©20112011-12-15 Table ©2011Ok, this past week marks the end of a renewed effort to become fit.  I have been more aware of what I’ve been eating and making better choices.  I’m at the beginning of a very long road.  Wish me success! 🙂

So far… so good. Yay me!  See ya on the dance floor!

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2011-08-04, Week 3, Weekly Stats

2011-08-04, Weekly Stats ©

2011-08-04 Ticker ©This week, I gained weight but if you look at the numbers you’ll see that while my total body weight went up, my body fat percentage went down which indicates that I gained muscle.  Which is good.  On my spreadsheet that I maintain, my lean body mass increased while my fat body mass decreased.  So, we’ll call this week a win.  🙂

2011-07-28, Week 2, Weekly Stats

At my Jenny Craig weigh-in yesterday, I lost 2.2 lbs from the week before.   However, my weight at home was pretty much flat.  A tiny increase in weight and body fat.  That is strange.  Usually the loss ration is about the same with my weight at home being a steady 3-4 lbs less than at Jenny Craig, because at Jenny, I wear clothes and at home I don’t when I weigh-in.

This coming week will tell the tale.  I go full force onto the Jenny Craig menu, following it exactly, weighing and measuring everything.

Here are this weeks’ charts:

2011-07-28 Fitness Stats Chart ©

2011-07-28 Weight Loss Ticker ©

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