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What’s on the Jenny Craig Menu? And other perplexing conundrums

Questions I get about Jenny Craig

People are curious.  That is a good thang.

Texas flag on globe(Editor’s note:  For English speakers outside of the Southern region of the United states…  “Thang” is the way in which Southerners, particularly those from the region known as “Texas” pronounce “thing” — We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post.)

I get a lot questions about “Jenny Craig”  So, in the interest of edumacating the general POP-u-lus, …

(Editor’s note:  Again the writer is using non-standard English grammar and spelling to emphasis a particular point.  In this case by deliberately misusing and misspelling the word educating, and stressing particular syllables through the use of incorrect capitalization and punctuation, the writer displays his expert writing skills, his expansive knowledge of proper grammar, and his mastery of the spell check software feature, thus he cho0ses to pasquinade those who might be colloquially referred to as “grammar snobs.”)

…I’m going to answer some of the more common questions I get from friends and people reading this blog:

“Is the Jenny Craig food any good? How does it taste?”

Man Eating and SmilingWell, friends, neighbors, and dearest readers, all 12 of you who actually follow this blog, “Yes, the food is good.”  It is real food and it is very very tasty.

Trust me, if the food didn’t taste good then I would not stick with the program.  There are even deserts and snacks.  My favorites are the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake and the Key-Lime Pie. Both VERY Yummy!

The only “Jenny Craig Food” that I really don’t care for on the Jenny Menu is the soups.  The Jenny Craig soups taste very bland to me.

The chilli is good, but the soups–not so much.  I buy my soups from the regular grocery store. Read the rest of this entry


I’m on track!!!! The Numbers from this week

On track and loosing weight…

Who da kitty?  Iz da kitty!I’m a little behind my “goal” but as long as the numbers keep heading downward, I’m satisfied.  🙂

Here are the numbers:

  • 282.5 lbs — 13 pounds lost to date
  • 152.25 inches — 6 inches lost to date (Chest, waist, hips)
  • 6/10 of a pound lost this week at my Jenny Craig weigh-in

The fun charts:

Ticker Tracker 2013-01-26

Total Body Weight 2013-01-26

Physical Measurements 2013-01-26

See ya on the Dance Floor

Reflect, Review, Revise, Revel, Reward, …Really!


Diva Kitty practizin dance ©2012Well, yesterday was a busy dance day.  Practiced with my dance partner for a little over an hour.  Then I went to the West Coast Swing classes taught by the most fabulous Beata Howe and “Pappa Daddy” TRose aka Terry Roseborough.  That was another 3 hours of dancing.  OMG!  Oh, my aching feetsies.  Ouchies!  Oh da pain, da pain.

Ok, ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, (hey being dramatic is what I do…I wouldn’t be “Tony” without the drama!)

…but in all seriousness, I did kinda push things.

So, now I know, at my current fitness level, doing four hours of dancing/learning/practicing is very close to “over doing it.”

The trick is to find exactly the right amount of exercise with which to stress my body.  I may have to alternate “heavy days” like yesterday with “easy days” or “rest days” while I’m still on the bottom end of the “fit” range.

It is true that I’m trying to build up stamina but I’ve also got to not overdo it and injury myself.  It is important to give my body a chance to repair itself and build itself stronger.

That’s how you get fitter; you stretch your limits, rest a bit, then stretch your limits again.  Eventually tasks that were difficult become easier.  Then they become routine and then you have to stretch further to keep on improving.  Woot!


Who da man?  Who da Pappa Daddy?  Who is on track on his fitness goals!  Come on, chant with me…  “Go Tony!  Go Tony! Go Tony!”

Doing those little circle things with your hands clenched in a fist is optional, but encouraged.  🙂

Here are the cold hard numbers:

-- 12.2 lbs lost (total so far)
-- 1 lb lost at the official Jenny Craig Weigh-in this week.
-- 5.65 inches lost (total so far) - Hips, Chest, Waist
-- .4 inches lost this past week.

Yay!  2013 is on track!  Woo Hoo!    Here are the charts and the cool fun visual stuff: Read the rest of this entry

Putting “Getting Fit and Healthy” into Perspective

An interesting comment at Worlds, sparks some deep thought and a very long blog post…

Backdrop on the stage at Worlds 2013While I was at the World Championships of Country Western Dance, I pretty much cornered anyone who would listen to me for more than 60 seconds and regaled them with my “plans for the coming year.”

Side note:  for those of you who want me to get to the point without my usual “Tony Ramblings”  *ahem*  Today’s topic is:

“trying to come up with an analogy that accurately encompasses the magnitude of someone’s effort to ‘get fit and healthy'”

Tigger bouncingBut saying it that concisely just sounds way to scholarly for my taste.  And it is Borrrring!  And way *not fun* and way “too brief”, so back to the ramblings of Tony’s Brain as I set up the picture for you.  🙂

So, at Worlds, I “trapped” lots of people and forced them to watch me make like Tigger as I bounced around in excitement and effused about my plans for the coming year!

Just in case you don’t know who Tigger is watch this video:

This enforced captivity on the part of my listeners at Worlds usually started off with the innocent and alluring sounding statement

“Did you hear my good news?  I won a spot on the US DanceSport Team!  China here I come!  then…

Read the rest of this entry

Renewed Progress…

Just the Stats, M’am, just the stats…

ai haz a happee! ©I renewed my fitness efforts just after Thanksgiving and have continued on track since then.  Here are the results so far:

  • 7.25 lbs lost
  • 5.25 inches lost (chest/hips/waist)

That has been with me doing only two things: (1) being more aware of the foods I eat and making better choices (not perfect, but better) and (2) increasing the amount of exercise that I’ve been doing.  Mostly increased dancing as I got ready for Christmas in Dixie and for the World Championships.

Not too shabby a start for 2013!  This is my year!

I just hope that I get over this flu bug enough so that I can to to my first day of Ballet Class on Saturday.

See ya on the dance floor!


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