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Progress Photos/Charts: 2014.10.17 – Making Adjustments

Progress Photos: 2014.10.17

Photo on 10-17-2014 at 3.05 PM Side by Side

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Progress Photos/Charts: 2014.10.10 – A lot of changes & Flirting with my next milestone!

Progress Photos: 2014.10.10

Photo on 10-10-2014 at 12.42 PM Side by Side

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Tony’s Tip No.8 — Do Life! not “exercise”!

Incorporate “movement” into your life…


Some of my “tips” are ones that I actually come up with myself.

Some of the “tips” I share here are ones that come to me from various “Health & Ftness motivational” lists that I’ve signed up with at Walgreens, WebMD, my health insurance company, a website called “RealAge” and a few others.

The tips come to me as tweets or emails.

I got this one a couple days ago. . .

Do at least one active lifestyle activity this week.  Try working in the yard, washing the car. Walking to do an errand or cleaning.

. . .and my reaction was:


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Tony’s Tip No.7 — Learn about your Metabolism

The Truth About Metabolism “Fun Quiz”


I subscribe to several “tip lists” and this one showed up in my inbox today from WebMD.

The Truth about Metabolism Quiz

It is a fun mini-quiz that asks you a series of questions.

After you Uhmmmmm. . .

. . . “guess” at the correct answer…  Did I say “guess”  ahem

I meant to say, “answer based on your in depth knowledge of all things healthy, a short explanation appears with valuable information about your Metabolism.  Woot!

My score on the metabolism Quiz

I scored 15 out of 15 correctly!  100%  Who da man?  Uh-huh!  Uh-huh!  Uh-huh!  Woot!

And…  I STILL learned stuff! 

For example I learned WHY experts recommend the “eat six times a day” approach!

Woot!  Nope… not gonna tell you here.  You need to go take the quiz.

[wicked grin]

Ok, ok,  I’ll tell ya…  ’cause if you “…going too long between meals can slow metabolic rate. That’s why experts recommend eating a small healthy meal or snack every 2 to 3 hours. ”

I encourage you to check out WebMD if you are not familiar with it.

To date I have found their information to be balanced and reliable.  Which is tough to do when it comes to health and fitness.  Especially since the information is constantly changing.

See ya on the dance floor!


Progress Photos/Charts: 2014.10.03 – B.I.A. B.I.T.E.S my B.U.T.T

Progress Photos: 2014.10.03

Photo on 10-03-2014 at 10.05 PM Side by Side

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