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New Jenny Craig Tips and Tricks

While I was fixing breakfast this morning I thought of some more tips and tricks that have helped me so far.  Check out my earlier tips by clicking on “Jenny Craig Tips and Tricks” under the “Diet and Fitness Drama” up in the header at the top of this page.

Jenny Craig Sunshine Sandwich (TM)

When preparing the Sunshine Sandwich, nuke, ahem, microwave the sandwich according to the instructions but before putting the sauce on the sandwich, put the English Muffin in the toaster for just a bit.  This firms them up and adds a bit of crunch to the sandwich making it a more enjoyable eating experience.

When spreading the sauce on the Sunshine Sandwich put the sauce on the bread, not the egg or meat.  The texture of the muffin keeps the sauce in place while you spread it evenly across the bread.  Putting it on the egg or meat is putting it on a smoother surface and the knife will just push it around in clumps making getting an even spread of sauce more difficult.. .

Chopped Bananas (CC)

When having a fruit like a banana for breakfast, chop it up into a lot of small chunks and eat it with a fork.

This makes it feel more like a meal instead of a snack because you are increasing the number of bites you’re taking and you’re using the fork instead of your fingers.  Fingers = snack in my twisted brain while fork = meal.  Go figure.  😉

See ya on the dance floor!


My first week back on Jenny Craig

good and bad meThis past week was a mix of goals met and goals missed.

On the “positive” side:

I did not eat out at any fast food place or restaurant all week.  Yay!  Woo Hoo.  Go Team Tony!

I weighed myself morning and night so now I have full week of good data rather than estimates.  Uh-huh!  Uh-huh!  Who da man?

I increased the amount of exercise that I’ve been doing, adding  extra practices with my dance partner.  Yay!  Yippee!  Yee Haw!

I followed the Jenny Craig menu for lunches and for breakfast.  Yay Me.  Woo Hoo!  Happy Dancing!

I ate the foods I bought at Whole Foods.  I try to buy organic, locally grown, foods. Bravo!  Yay Me!

I took my bicycle to Bicycles Inc and had it serviced so it is now ready to ride.  Tires aired up!  Chain lubed.  Brakes checked.  Woo Hoo!

On the “not so positive” side:

I did not actually weigh and measure all the foods that I ate.  I tried, and think I succeeded, in keeping the portions about right but I didn’t actually do the measurements.  Goal for this week:  actually do the measuring.

I did not ride my bike on the weekend as I had planned.  Which is a shame.  The Katy Trail runs right by my house.  Goal for this week: ride my bike at least one time.

I did not eat the dinners that were on the Jenny Craig menu.  This was by design though.  I had food in the pantry and freezer that I did not want to go to waste, so I watched the portions and tried to make the calories come out right.  Nonetheless, I didn’t follow the JC menu.  Goal for this week: stick strictly to the Jenny Menu.

I did not do my “Program before the Program #1”.  There is this really good book called “Getting in Shape” by Bob Anderson, Bill Pearl, Ed Burke, and Jean Anderson (ISBN: 0936070161).  They have a new edition of the book called “Getting Back Into Shape” which includes an additional chapter on running.  Visit their website for more info.  The book has 32 programs designed to get you back into shape or into shape as the case may be.  The programs start off very easy; the idea is that folks who are out of shape should start off easy because well, they are out of shape.  Research as shown that often people try to do too much too quickly, get discouraged and quit.  Hence the “Program before the Program 1, 2 and 3″ which feature light easy stretching, light easy lifting and movement”.  Well, I didn’t do the stretching and lifting parts.  the movement part, I do during my dance lessons and practice.  So… Goal for this week: do the lifting and stretching parts.

So my goals for this week are:

  1. Keep doing the good stuff!  Yay me!
  2. Stretch & Lift (Program before the Program #1)
  3. Ride my bike at least 1 time.
  4. Stick strictly to the Jenny Craig menu, weighing and measuring everything. (except for my Birthday dinner which actually took place yesterday — a friend took me out for my birthday.)

See ya on the dance floor!

Day one on Jenny Craig… …again!

My breakfast July 16, 2011 ©Okay, dear readers, my last post was bemoaning how difficult it is to get moving again after metaphorically “falling off the wagon”.  To continue that theme, let me tell you how the last couple days have gone for me.

Thursday, I went to the Jenny Craig Center for the first time in almost three weeks.  I work second shift on Mondays, Noon – 9p, so I had been going on Mondays  during my dinner hour for my weekly weigh-in and to get my week’s food for the coming week’s menu.  I’ve missed several weeks though because my work situation though has interfered; we’ve been very very busy at work and I’ve not been able to get away to dinner at a consistent time on Mondays.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, I called the Jenny Craig Center and compared calendars and discovered that they had a Thursday opening at 6:30p.  Since I get off work at 6p on Thursdays that works great.  And since I have no dance rehearsals or lessons scheduled on Thursdays, that means I can go straight from work, to the Jenny Craig Center and then straight to Whole Foods where I can then shop for other food items I need to complete the menu for the coming week and then straight home to put everything neatly away!  Go Team Tony!  🙂

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The Week in Review or… “Ya gotta have a bag-o-tricks”

Iz Magic! ©2011For the first trick of the evening:  Being Strong without even trying…

I have to share a “moment” from this week from where I work  I’m surrounded by a group of folks who like to bring in food and leave it on the break room table for everyone.

This is sweet and nice and generous, and it does foster a sense of community at the workplace, HOWEVER, for me those little offerings of friendship are sneak attacks!  They are land mines on the way to a healthy me!  They are evil incarnate!  Basically they kinda suck eggs.

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Update…the first week on Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig Logo (TM)I went by the Jenny Craig Center and got next weeks food.  Tomorrow I’ll go by Whole Foods and get the fruits and veggies for next week.  I do need to go and get some Milk and Cottage Cheese today though.

My weigh in at the Jenny Craig Center was good.  I started at 270 lbs and in five days I’ve lost 2.4 lbs putting me at 267.6 lbs.  Yay me!!!  Woo Hoo!  Doing a happy dance!

Of course weigh ins at the JC center are with my clothes on so there will be some variance due to that because sometimes I’ll be wearing work clothes and sometimes I’ll be wearing lighter work out clothes.

My weekly weigh in will be on Sunday.  I’m optimistic that I will meet my goal of 266 lbs and 41.10% body fat for next week.

At home, my weekly weigh in is without clothes.  I weigh in once in the morning and once in the evening and then average the two numbers.  For Body Fat, I average four measurements: one am and one pm using the Tanita scale and one am and one pm using the the Omron Fat Loss Monitor.

See ya on the dance floor!

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